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Dr. Colby
Dr. Colby, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 86
Experience:  Licensed psychologist in WA. Areas of practice are clinical psychology, forensic psychology and clinical neuropsychology.
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I find my personality changing; or maybe its like this happy

Customer Question

I find my personality changing; or maybe its like this happy bubbly mask that I've worn so long I don't know how to take off. Inside I am snarky and cynical but like ingrained habit I am exuberant and slightly air headed. I annoy even myself, how do I get rid of this mask?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Colby replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Colby :

Hi, this is Dr. Colby. Could you give me a little more information, like examples of each? In what worts of situations, if any, do you like being either way of being?

JACUSTOMER-lic4lslr- : A fqew years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and put on wellbutrin. I have always been a loner, prefferring to be solitary in my thoughts. But somewhere along the way I built this mask of bubbly and and slightly haired brained and its seemed to set those close to me at ease. But now its like I've been doing so long that I can't stop. I find myself babbling or saying the most stupid things or being this immture chiqld but I'm not. I hate this bubbly mask that has become second nature to me., it annoys me to no end. It's like the world sees this false person and inside I'm completely different. I hate the way this childish giggling idiot is what the world sees.
JACUSTOMER-lic4lslr- : Like when people touch me or invade my apace I just smile and giggle but inside I waNt to,through them off of me. Or when people try to hold a conversation with me ill get all side tracked and off on some random thing and while the words are coming from me inside I'm like wtf am I doing
Dr. Colby :

Ok. Well, this does sound like a problem with setting personal boundaries. It's something we all face (and it changes over the months and years and sometimes day-to-day, and different with different people).

I sounds like it is pretty troubling to you, however. Have you even had a counselor or therapist or been in a group therapy situation where you can get feedback from others with a facilitator there to guide the interactions?

JACUSTOMER-lic4lslr- : Ive seen a therapist once, all he wanted to do was put me on seraquil
Dr. Colby :

Hmm. That sounds either like an MD or an ARNP; correct? Have you seen a psychologist, as opposed to a counselor or social worker?

JACUSTOMER-lic4lslr- : No, can't afford one I'm a struggling college student
Dr. Colby :

OK. Well, what I suggest is that you see if there is a counseling center connected to your college, even if it is a community college. Absent that, there should be a public mental health center of some kind in your area, too. In either place, you are likely to find a qualified therapist who can work with you in teaching you some techniques to clarify who you want to be and when you want to be that person. The kinds of changes you have described are not unusual, but they are no less unnerving to the person going through them.

Start with those kinds of places, first. If those ideas fail, then you might need to get a little more creative. Without regard to religiosity, there may be pastoral counseling centers around, and they frequently have qualified and licensed counselors connected with them

Your college student services folks should have some pretty good ideas about what kinds of resources are in your community (or college), too.

If this information/answer is acceptable, please indicate such by hitting the "accept" button. If not, or if you want more info, either send me more information to help me see the issue more clearly or even ask that I "opt out" so that you can get information from a different expert. Whichever you choose, we want you to be satisfied with the information and answers you get.

Dr. Colby :

Have I provided you the help you were seeking? If so, will you let me know by return comment, or hit the "accept" button and then give me some feedback about my services, too? Thanks.

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