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Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Kate, Thanks for the response Kate. She is increasing the

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Thanks for the response Kate. She is increasing the Prozac that I take for it but told me that sometimes it takes up to a month to feel the full effect. This is especially true with me since I have swiitched meds so often to find the right combination.

The logical side of me knows that I probably won't go crazy and that it's all the counting that is making me feel crazy. However, the fear is so huge that I can't seem to push myself to take a chance. My therapist wanted me to try it with something small. For example, if I can't turn off a light switch with my right hand and only my left, then perhaps I could try to use the right one and see what happens. That was last weeks homework. But I just couldn't do it. I would do it but would lie awake worrying so much I had to fix it and use my left hand. It feels like a huge problem to overcome when I can't even do the simpliest test.




You will not go crazy no matter what you do. I am sure of that. Your therapist's idea is a good one to try. Here are some addition steps:


Facing your anxiety is not easy, but nothing will happen as a result. Try using your other hand to switch off the light. In order to do that, tell yourself repeatedly several hours before you try that you can turn off the light with any hand you choose. It is ok and nothing will happen. Repeat that, or similar comforting thoughts, as often as you can. This helps restructure your thinking patterns.


Remember that OCD is mostly a brain imbalance. It may have some to do with behavior and past history, but if you think of it as not part of you but caused by something else you can separate yourself from it. The messages you are getting from your brain are not right. They are wrong. And they do not have control over you. Keep that in mind whenever you feel the urges to do something related to OCD.


Do not allow the OCD to have any importance. Minimize the thoughts and feelings related to it. OCD is not who you are, it's only a thought pattern you are used to. You have the willpower to change it.


The more you think these thoughts, the more you can change the OCD.



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