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Kate, Well I showed my therapist my collage. She didn`t say

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Hey Kate,
Well I showed my therapist my collage. She didn`t say much. She did ask me if I felt better after doing it and I said. She said I should do more since it seems like a good outlet for my emotions but the problem is that I don`t actually like doing them. So she said do what makes me most comfortable.
I talked about my letter and what it was about but never read it. My next appt is Friday so hopefully I will read it then. I ran out of time talking about other stuff. However she asked me a few questions about it and made some suggestions. I really feel that if I read it that she would really understand how deep my sadness is and maybe can help me.
She knows now how bad my OCD has gotten. She asked me if I wanted to be hospitalized for it merely for the reason of stabilizing my drugs that I take. My biggest fear and why I do the OCD is because I am terrified of going crazy or hearing, seeings things that aren`t there. She said that I wasn`t going to go crazy and that as a professional she knows this. She asked me if I trusted her. I do but I am still so scared to break one of my counting rituals to find out. She said to put the worry on her. I don`t know how to do this.
Any thoughts.


I'm glad your therapy went well today. It's also good that you showed her the collage and let her know that you do not enjoy doing them. Not every therapeutic exercise helps everyone.

One step at a time with your letter I think is the best option. It sounds like you are getting warmed up, letting your therapist know a bit at a time about your letter. That is a good way to go with it.

You are not going to go crazy. I can definitely say that. OCD does not make people crazy. It is an anxiety related disorder that can make you feel crazy, but that does not equal being crazy. Anxiety disorders often make people feel crazy because of the out of control feeling that is part of the symptoms. Rituals help make you feel more in control. OCD is helped by medication and if you feel you need an increase, your doctor can help. If you feel a short stay in the hospital might help you, then it's worth a try. But you also may need a small adjustment in your medicine. Your body can become used to the medication and it becomes less effective so a small adjustment might be needed to reduce your symptoms.


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