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Kate, How much can one person take without falling apart?

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How much can one person take without falling apart? The only reason I am still around is because of my daughter. But even that reason is decreasing.

I know I have gone through bad stuff before and gotten through it but maybe this time I just don't have the strength or will to do it again.

This will pass, I agree. But I wonder how much more bad stuff can happen to me. In all honesty, I think I have received my share already. I try to pray but I think God has forgotten about me and I am all alone.

I feel all alone because I am. My parents are of no help. Matter of fact, my mom would prefer not to know the bad. I used to have who I thought was my best friend to go to but he is now gone. My friends certainly do not know all that has happened to me and I don't want to tell them now. So all I have is a therapist that I see for 90 minutes a week. The rest of the time I am alone. And it is scary being alone with myself. I don't kow what to do anymore. I feel so tired.




It can feel very overwhelming and discouraging when so many bad things happen all at once. And you have had your fair share, no doubt. Some people seem to have a lot of trauma in their lives. That does not mean there is something wrong with them. No one knows why some have more troubles than others, but God has not abandoned you. He knows your troubles and feels your pain, right along with you. He may even want to draw you closer to him so try leaning on him. He will be there for you. Read your Bible, pray and follow his word. God is more powerful than anything that happens to us. He can help you feel better.


You also need more supports than you have. It may not be a bad idea to consider telling one of your friends about what you have been through. Just pick one friend you feel closest to and you feel you can trust. Tell them some of what has happened and see what response you get. You may be surprised by your friend's support.


You also may want to consider attending a church, support group and trying to expand your support through online contacts like a blog. You don't even have to use your real name. Online support allows you to be yourself without having to say who you are.


You can get through this. Most people can take a lot of stress and still do well. They may need help to get through, but people are resilient. People survive wars, holocausts, terrorist attacks and personal tragedies and are able to go on. But in order to do this, you need help to get yourself to that point. Don't be afraid to reach out. It can make a big difference to how you feel.


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