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hi. I have been married to my wife for 12 years. she lived

Resolved Question:

hi. I have been married to my wife for 12 years. she lived in Iraq then when I met her. I live in Denmark. when I first met her she told me how much she loves me. I thought it was noticeably strange. for she was crying in my love! . she told me every possible story about her life as a child and poverty and how bad she was treated at school by her teacher and friends and her sadist fathar . she told me dramas and got me to be sad pity for her. but ok .. we got married and I got her to Denmark. I thought I was just lucky. she would soon have a baby with me. and we got it .. even I thought it was too early. quiet and calm, she began to manipulate me and threaten me. I did not feel comfortable with her. she was lying out so much. I was in shock. nobody would believe me. even my family or friends. for she played a role as if she were an angel. (her 9 numbers were always better than mine or others 10 number). She accused people halter thing. she went to school and she was very poor and still is in Danish language after 12 years. She always made me to do her homework. she used me as a intruments and through me, she got all her goals.

she used her body and beauty to make me do everything for her. I felt so much stress and insecurity with her ​​that I ended up in the insane hospital.cus i was helples she is mother to my children . she convinced people that it was me there was something wrong with. one day I came home without calling. she was blushing when she saw me and she was restless. shortly after the phone rang and I picked it. there was a strange man. He said I must talk to ................? and I said yes ok. I gave her the phone she took it but she was very very nervous. she just said hello,, hello,, hallooooooooo. and she said there is nobody..she has no feeling. and if a girl is prettier than her or have higher education so that she would accuse her the worst thing, or even planning to attack her both mentally or physically. she is very very very selfish. she take no responsibility for anything. when I tell her I want a divorce she will do everything to stop me. spicial she use sex to make me her willing slave. she is very secretive. she does not love anyone. she accuse people. it's never her fault.
she enjoy watching me or others in pain. she does not believe in any god or relegion. she thinks she is a god. and she is dobelmoral. She has no mercy. Despite all this I love her. but what can i use her love when her love is fake???. I'm afraid to live with her. because I know if she can not use me anymore she will hurt me and even planning to leave me with broken hart . and find another victim. she lie so well that the whole system will believe her. what should I do. I want an end to this nightmare. but how? we have 2 children together.
she has isolated me at home. she does not want that we have contact with others. spicial my family. she can not cook. or clean or read a story to his own children. I do everything here. I need profesional help or advice .
please help me
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

It sounds like her personality may be consistent with what we call a personality disorder. This person is very manipulative and even dangerous. They have a love hate relationship with their partner as there is no in between. Most of all they can con anyone with their in depth ability to be what they want them to be. No one believes who they really are but their partner. Life revolves around them. They are so manpulative that leaving is difficult. You can consult a lawyer to see what your rights are. That may be your best option. She isn't going to go quietly. You have to do whatever you can to leave this relationship.


In the meantime I would see if you can get the family seen by a psychologist. That would give you extra support in this situation. Then you have on record the issues at hand. Enlist any help from family that would help you end this. Begin to let them really know how bad things are.


You have to be creative and that means making any plans you can to go. Do this very discreetly. I wish there were better ways to end this but you have to know what your rights are and that will dictate what your actions are.


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