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Brad The Therapist
Brad The Therapist, LCPC
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  10 years of experience in working with youth and adults
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Struggling with anxiety and trying to get to the best

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Struggling with anxiety and trying to get to the best possible path to help. Lexapro worked for three to four years; however it appears to have stopped. Doc increased dosage to 20 mg; but it has not really done anything as I am still having anxiety. I have been going to CBT for two months to discuss the challenages of anxiety; but that does seem to help. Doc wants me to try pristiq; however I really am scared to go through the change and I am have some suicidal thoughts when the anxiety kicks in.....just a bit over bearing. Was given Xanax to help with anxiety and that seems to help; however I read that I should not use as a long term solution. What is the best path?
Brad :

thank you for your question.

Brad :

According to research, the combination use of medications and therapy has shown the best outcomes for treating anxiety.

Brad :

Although Xanax is useful, it can be addictive, thus please be careful with this.

Brad :

Pristiq is an SNRI and is mainly an antidepressant

Customer: Is there a better drug other lex and pristiq for anxiety?
Customer: Under that each of us react differently
Customer: Understand that is
Customer: Also, struggling with why lex worked for a number of years and then just seemed to stop.
Brad :

There is a peak that some medications reach and then it stops workings

Brad :

Have you tried Zoloft or Celexa?

Customer: have not tried either. Are those bett at addressing anxietyy
Brad :

It can help with address anxiety

Customer: Ok, I will do some research on those to see what differences are from lex
Brad :

do you have any other questions?

Customer: Na, I am good
Brad :

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