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Kate! I gave Eve her ring on Christmas Eve! everything went

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Kate ! I gave Eve her ring on Christmas Eve ! everything went well ! & we shared Christmas after ~ evening with family ! other than the fact I was feeling nauses from a "Bad ~cold" that I have been fighting for 3 weeks ! all went well ! ps: yes I have seen my physican twice in that time & have been on two antibiotics & other sympton relievers ! m


That is wonderful news! Thank you for telling me what happened. I was thinking of you all weekend wondering how it was going. I knew she would be happy to say yes!

I am sorry to hear you are sick. And during one of the most happiest times of your life. That is frustrating. I hope you have a quick recovery and feel better soon.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Kate if I could just "kick this cold' ps: we spoke to my mom one on one first !her concern is Eves: Autoimmune Retinapohy! Eve: has a follow up appointment April 8th @ Uof M eye center ! in Ann Arbor , mi Thanks ! m

Colds are one of those things that never seem to go away. And I've noticed that lately the colds have been getting harder and harder to get rid of. I think they are adapting and making us all feel more awful and sicker than we used to!

That was very kind of your mother to be so worried about Eve and the Autoimmune Retinopathy she is struggling with. It sounds like your mother has taken Eve in as family and cares about her. Eve must be feeling pretty good about her relationship with your mother. It seems they may be forming a good relationship, one that would address some of the initial issues you had in your relationship with Eve, where you were not together because of Eve's concerns about your relationship with your mother.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Kate ! eve left ! due to the fact she always felt she was on the "back~burner" m

Yes, I remember. I was thinking that maybe Eve felt some resentment toward your mother and that may have hampered their relationship. But it does not appear to be the case, which is wonderful!