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Kate, Terrible! Thats how I did at my appt today with my

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Terrible! That's how I did at my appt today with my therapist. I waited until we were overtime to mention what happened. I don't know why I did that except for maybe I didn't want to talk about it and was using avoidance.

Regardless, with no time to discuss, she seemed nonchalant about the whole thing which made me feel worse. I feel disconnected from it but at the very least I realize it as a bad thing that happened to me.

Now I have to wait until Friday when I see her again to address it. I don't know how to do so. With Christmas so close, I thought I would feel better...happier - but I'm not. I feel sadder than ever and the worst part is that I don't think she realizes it or knows how I feel.

I feel so impulsive. I want so badly to self-harm but am trying not to. I just don't know what to do or how to handle myself.

Any help, as always, is appreciated.


Kathy, I am sorry that you did not have a chance to work this out with your therapist. It most likely was something she wants time to address, though I am not sure why she didn't talk about it in some brief way, just to comfort you.


For your next appointment, it may be a good idea to write out how you feel. That way, you can bring it up without having to try finding the words. Also, you can practice in your mind how you want to bring it up. Picture yourself going into the appointment, sitting down and facing your therapist. Then see yourself talking about it. Use what you wrote or try picturing what you might say then write it down. This will help you be able to express yourself next time you see her.


It's good you have been able to resist self harming. Although that does provide some relief temporarily, in the long run, it only makes things worse. And you will still need to find some relief with your feelings.


Try going back to some of the things that have worked before. Writing helps. Taking care of yourself is important. Time out of the house doing something that makes you feel good. Hot showers, tea, watching something distracting are all also good ways to get yourself through until you see your therapist again. Remember to relax as much as you can. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation go a long way in helping you focus and keep yourself calm.


I hope you are getting some rest. Try to take this one day at a time. You can get through this.



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