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Kate, A horrible thing happened tonight and I cant seem

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A horrible thing happened tonight and I can't seem to process it. It is a good thing I go to see my therapist tomorrow afternoon.

I am shaking as I write this. When I went to pick up my daughter at her friend's house tonight (5:30 p.m. so not late), it was very difficult to read the house number. I parked the car not realizing the house was further out. I no longer closed my car door, when a man pushes me face first into my car. This whole scene was probably not even a minute long. He pressed his body tight against mine and then whispered in my ear "don't make things difficult or you might end up having a second child." I froze unable to move for a minute or two.

Then I jumped into my car and drove a bit further up and collected my daughter.

Besides the words being a threat, I am not sure what the person is referring to in warning me not to make things difficult. I feel like I was violated, in a differet way, once again.

I am terrifed all over again. Plus, I don't know how to tell my therapist what happened. I always worry that I will not be believed or that I am making something bigger than it is.

I don't know what to do. I feel so many emotions and they all seem out of control right now to me.

Help if you can.


Hi Kathy,


I am sorry that happened to you. How horrible. Feeling violated would be very normal. And after what you have been through, it is even more traumatizing.


To have this happen right in the middle of your recovery from another attack is awful. Were you able to report it to the authorities? Even if you could not provide much description information, just knowing there is someone in the area attacking people can help the police stay on alert. And reporting it can help you feel you have power in the situation. It puts the police on your side and helps you feel less alone.


It is good you see your therapist today. Let her know what happened just as you told me. There is no way you could make this bigger than it is. It is very traumatizing and you could not exaggerate something like this. Your therapist can help you cope with all the feelings this has triggered for you. Sorting out how you feel and processing this is important so you can continue your recovery.


Also, you may want to take some time today to treat yourself well. You need extra care and time to sort out how you feel about this attack. It may bring back some of the feelings you have about your previous attack so allow some time to process how this has affected you. Be sure to use any of the techniques that have helped you already and be sure to use any supports you have as well.


Let me know how you are doing. I'll be thinking of you.





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