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I have always had trouble with keeping a job more than 6

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I have always had trouble with keeping a job more than 6 mths and move a lot. I am bored easily and am always looking for something new to do,learn or experience. I have been described as a free spirit. Is this something symptomatic of something I should see a professional about?
Hello, I am a psychiatrist.
To answer your question, I need to know more about whether or not this bothers you or not. (I mean, does it bother you that it bothers your husband?) Does it?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sometimes it bothers me but only because I know it is not what society deems or my family think I should be doing as a parent. But I really enjoy doing new things all the time and seeing new places and meeting all different types of people. I just get bored with it once I feel I have learned or experienced all that I want to there, then I feel the need to move on. I understand my kids need more stability than that and I have seriously considered letting them live with relatives to give them that. I have also been feeling lately like I don't want to be married anymore, and have decided if I do leave my husband that I would let my kids stay with him since he prefers to be in one place and would give them the stability they need. About the only thing stopping me is I don't want to hurt my husband and people will think I'm crazy for letting a good man go. So I guess if it wasn't for my family's opinions and societal dictations it wouldn't bother me at all.

I see.
Is there any way that you an combine your desire to see/do new things with your family life? Say, maybe only working part of the year so you can travel some (with/without your family). Or, what about getting a job in a field that is along these lines, such as the travel industry, or being a flight attendant, etc.? If, like most people, your family cannot afford to travel all the time, what about you taking trips with one child at a time, or otherwise being creative so that you can bring your family more into your life and appreciation of travel and new things, and yet you can still have your family and give them what they need?

Children need their mother; if you leave, please be aware that while you'll still be certain that you love them, they may not be at all certain that you still love them.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
in your opinion this is something that can just be worked with and not symptomatic of a disorder of some kind?
I'm inclined to think that you are just a free spirit. Some people do have problems with commitment, but I cannot say that is an issue with you (other that it seeming like aside from hurting your family, it would be very easy for you to leave them). Determining that would take time, and really would be best done by a therapist who can get to know you over time.
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