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Kate, Well my daughter is back but I still feel lousy. I

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Well my daughter is back but I still feel lousy. I wish I knew what my problem is. It is very frustrating not to know what is wrong. Maybe if i knew, I could fix it.
Lucky for me, she is in a lazy mood today because I haven't gotten dressed, eaten or moved off the couch all day. I just don't have the energy or drive to do something.
I will try to journal because that's all I have the energy for. Things still feel kind of hopeless for me. I really don't see much of a future for me.


When you have PTSD, one of the main symptoms is depression. The trauma of the experience can cause you to feel hopeless and helpless. Going through such an experience opens up the possibility of deeper depression more than someone who has not gone through a trauma. It can make you feel vulnerable, anxious and depressed.

The other side of PTSD is feeling disconnected from others and the world. It dampens your ability to feel joy, happiness and the enjoyment you used to feel in life. You feel cut off and as a result, you go into yourself and feel depressed. Reconnecting feels overwhelming and the future seems bleak. Most people who suffer trauma find that they expect to have no future. They find just surviving now very difficult.

Your daughter being home is good. She can help put you out just from the interaction you have together. Journaling is also good. If you can, try to plan one small thing tomorrow such as going out to get coffee or stop by one store. It may not seem like it, but sometimes just one connection with the world can change your thinking and pull you out of the depression enough for you to feel better.

And don't forget what we talked about yesterday. If you need to, go over it again or write it out for yourself. Reminding yourself over and over is sometimes what is needed to impact how you are feeling. You can also read about depression and PTSD. Knowing you are not alone and that your feelings are common can help as well. Try reconnecting in small ways. It can make a big difference.


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