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Suzanne, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 919
Experience:  LCSW, RN. Mental Health, Relationship & Parenting issues.EMDR, Hypnosis.
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Time agoe like 18 years i got a disease resulted from

Customer Question

long time agoe like 18 years i got a disease resulted from drinking contaminated water , i got infection in my abdominal system , a bad smell gas got out of me and it was out of my control , after two months i got treated but the mental effect was triggering , i always thinking that i have bad smell and i started to run away from people ,since that time i could manage somehow to maintain myself in good position at my job , but the mentality is with me till today and even getting worsen ,i take 3-4 times shower per day but useless , the sense that i creat for myself now when i am in a situation that i have to stay with people like in a meeting or in a cinema etc.. is to make my abdominal and bowel musels so contract that i creat a sense that i need to bathroom (2) and this cause me to feel my body is smelly and i have to be away from the people otherwise what they might think about me ! the sensivity got so increased nowadays that i can not even travel by a bus for a short distance because the moment i sit with people i creat this sense for myself automatically and then i have to run a way from that situation ,when this sense is happening to me my eyes get out of normal and even i feel that people don't like to look at me , in normal condition i am attractive for the girls and they like to stay with me but when i creat this sense in myself i can easily see that everybody run away from me and even i want to run away from the people , please let me know what wht is my disorder ? why my brain creat such an unwanted situation for me that i know its result but i can not do anything to control my mentality
Daniel raus
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

This is not stupid. You are simply creating your own anxiety because you have generalized something that happened physically and making it a social limitation. You have turned this into a social anxiety or phobia. When you get close to people you begin to think about your past condition and apply that to a present situation like being on the bus. Although you say you have tried relaxation drugs you should consider an anti anxiety medication. You should consult with a psychiatrist before this gets any worse. You may be able to function in a social setting if you allow the tools we have available to work. Would you rather be miserable and anxiety or on a medication that controls your symptoms but may be inconvenient. If you don't need a medication they will safely remove that drug. Right now you are getting used to be totally uncomfortable. I would also consider therapy to teach you to avoid such thinking so that you can behaviorally control your thoughts. Find someone in your area trained in anxiety.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I think there have been a misundrestanding with using the relaxation drugs as i have left them long time ago

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear doctor i am not yet satisfied with your answer as its so general , I think there have been a misundrestanding with using the relaxation drugs as i have left them long time ago like 4 years, speaking about my present situation, sometimes when i take a headache tablet like panadol i can creat a sense of happiness in myself in such a way i can convince myself that i can have a control on myself , but the 2nd day if i use the same tablet it doesn't have effect on me and if i increase the dosage like i take two tablets i feel so bad so that my anxity increases and in worst case senario i feel in that condition i don't have control on my body parts, dear doctor my problem is the fear , the fear start when i am with the people and fear of having bad smell and consequently the anxiety is creating and make my situation worsen, my problem is that i love to be with people and i love to participate in social life with people , BUT when i go near to people i fear from myself i fear that i creat that sense in myself unwillingly and i do , sometimes when i am placed between the people fastly i enjoy alot in that situation BUT all of a sudden the internal voice telling me that you are very relax and enjoing and same time in a second the bad feeling come to me and make me to leave that place immediately and if i can not run away then i become so tense and i don't have any control on myself so that people realize immediately that there is someting wrong with me, please let me know that in such situation the behavioral therpies can be effective for me or medications as i don't like medications

Thanks & Regards

Expert:  Suzanne replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for bringing your question to JustAnswer.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best way to get control over the fear you feel. It will help control and correct the thoughts that create the fear and anxiety.

(Quoted from NAMI)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an empirically supported treatment that
focuses on patterns of thinking that are maladaptive and the beliefs that
underlie such thinking. For example, a person who is depressed may have the
belief, "I'm worthless," and a person with a phobia may have the belief, "I am
in danger." While the person in distress likely holds such beliefs with great
conviction, with a therapist's help, the individual is encouraged to view such
beliefs as hypotheses rather than facts and to test out such beliefs by running
experiments. Furthermore, those in distress are encouraged to monitor and log
thoughts that pop into their minds (called "automatic thoughts") in order to
enable them to determine what patterns of biases in thinking may exist and to
develop more adaptive alternatives to their thoughts. People who seek CBT can
expect their therapist to be active, problem-focused, and goal-directed.

To find a therapist skilled in CBT use this link and look for therapists who specialize in CBT.

If you cannot afford therapy, there is a book for those who would like to try CBT themselves. dress&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7ACAW_enUS358US358&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=13244924745710078521&sa=X&ei=CHDbTt7pL8fAtgf4r9nsAQ&ved=0CK8BEPMCMAo#

Suzanne, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 919
Experience: LCSW, RN. Mental Health, Relationship & Parenting issues.EMDR, Hypnosis.
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