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My daughters boyfriend is suffering from some type of mental

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My daughters boyfriend is suffering from some type of mental illness, he is verbally abusive, delusional, thinks she trying to poison him. He has a compulsive disorder for cleaning, his behavior is getting more strange and violent. He is brainwashing the young kids into believing their mother is a terrible mom and is not taking care of them right. He tells them mean and very bad things about their mother. I think he needs mental help. I want to know how a person can be committed to a mental health facility for the 72 hour hold. He has threatened physical injury to my daughter if she takes kids and leaves. He has physically threatened her in the house, has not done it yet but she is afraid

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like your daughter's boyfriend is mentally ill and possibly dangerous. It is good you are watching out for her. She needs to get away from this man as soon as possible.

To commit someone to a mental health ward for treatment, called a 302, you need to witness them threatening to hurt himself or someone else. The threat needs to be credible. In other words, it cannot be an off hand comment that he feels like dying sometimes or just saying "I wish you were dead". It needs to be a serious threat with intention. The person who files the 302 have to be the one who witnesses the threat. It cannot be third party hearsay.

You have two options when you file a 302. You can either call the police when he is acting out and offer to file the 302 (The police can do so as well but they have to hear the threat and most police officers do not want to file. It means more paperwork for them) or you can go to your local ER and file there. They will ask you questions about the situation and what you heard and you will need to sign papers. Then the police will be called to go and get your daughter's boyfriend. He will still need evaluated and a doctor has to sign off on the 302 for him to be admitted.

I hope this has helped you,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you very much for your information. If he is picked up then what happens? He does not think he is ill. If they take him to a hospital can he refuse to stay?

A 302 is considered a legal document so he cannot refuse to go. Once the 302 is filed, he must be examined by a doctor and interviewed, usually by a mental health professional or a nurse. The doctor then determines if the 302 is valid and can be upheld legally. If so, he is then admitted. That is why they send the police when a 302 is filed, in case he resists, tries to hurt someone and/or for his own safety and because it is a legal document.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you. you information is very helpful. What happens after the time limit is up? is it 72 hours? If he is deemed mentally ill what happens next? Can he sign himself out after 72 hours even if he is deemed mentally unstable?

After 72 hours, there is a hearing held if the doctor feels the patient needs to stay. The hearing takes place with a judge, usually a patient advocate and any family involved. The judge decides if the patient needs to stay or not.


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