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Mark Manley
Mark Manley, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Over 15 years exp. Married 30 years and happy.
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S What causes someone to have extreme anxiety doing things

Customer Question

What causes someone to have extreme anxiety doing things in view of others? For instance I am perfectly ok sweeping in the backyard but not in the front as I feel EYES all over me and rush to complete my task.
Secondly, my mother always said"you'll never amoount to anything and never get married and have kids". All my life I had sex without using protection and NEVER got pregnant. I have about 20 female cousins and they all have kids. Could I be barren due to this "programming" by my mother? Strange,huh?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Mark Manley replied 5 years ago.
This could be caused by being emotionally abused in childhood i.e. having your primary caregiver be very critical of everything or most everything you do. It could also be caused by paranoid thinking which can be caused by chemical imbalance in the brain or other physical disorders.
It's not likely that a person would be unable to conceive due to programing like this. Sometimes there are multiple causes of infertility, emotional factors could possibly be a contributing factor. You should consult with your doctor about infertility if it is troubling you.
I suggest you keep learning how to treat yourself with kindness, dignity and respect even though you were not treated so as a child.
Mark Manley
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