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Mark Manley
Mark Manley, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Over 15 years exp. Married 30 years and happy.
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My English isn't what I would wish it too.. but i give it a

Resolved Question:

hi.. I'm Norwegian so my English isn't what I would wish it too.. but i give it a try.. Back in 2009 i had my first contact with the Psychiatry reception.. Because that just that night I had a horrible day.. I was depressed and wanted my life to end. I went there since my mom phoned me just as I was about to hang myself.. so i took her talk and realized how sad she would be if i died so i pretended like nothing during the conversation and then i had a taxi to the hospital.. They gave something so i could be able to sleep, since I had have trouble with that for a long time.. The day after i got to talk to a doctor and he wrote out sleeping pills for me and something to suppress my anxiety with when it was to hard to bear.. i got like obsessions about making suicide even tho I don't want to die.. I really doesn't want to do the things I'm thinking about. During my bad times, as i call them, i cannot even walk over a bridge without thinking that I should throw myself over the railing, can't go by a knife without thinking I should slice my throat with it and those sorts of thoughts comes about everything i see that I can find a way to kill myself for... I also got an SSRI prep to take each day against those.. I can't say they really helped thou.. I still have these feelings but now i can control them in a better way.. i've made a test on this site and I got 52 points out of that test.. I know i shouldn't go just on that... But since then I have been reading a lot about Bipolar disorder and I recognize myself a lot in thus textes.. But my doctor refuses to even listen to me when i try to talk to him.. even tho another doctor made me do some different simple tests about that and some more disorders and that to pointed to bipolar... what do you think? Am I really just hooping so bad to find a answer to why my head works so different against anyone else or is there a chance that this diagnosis is whats fits on me ?
Would be really thankful for an answer from you
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Mark Manley replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for using JustAnswer.
Can you change psychiatrists? If so I would recommend you find one you can converse with in a give and take conversation.
Good for you for your research and for taking care of your self. Don't kill yourself. Keep looking for answers and for care providers who will listen to you and work with you. It is likely you can and will feel better as you get better treatment.
Best of success to you.
Mark Manley
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