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My son is in CA for the time being, not sure when he is

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My son is in CA for the time being, not sure when he is coming back. He needs to get a refill on his Zoloft within about 20 days, and he needs a full evaluation for SSDI application.
He is currently staying with his sisters family on base at Ft. Irwin.
Is there someplace he can go to get the zoloft and/or the evaluation? He has no insurance. Someone that works on a sliding scale basis would be great. The med thing is the most important, but getting him evaluated is getting crucial as well.
Thank you,
Pat Paradise

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

Is your son in the military? If not, what is the name of the closest city in CA where he is staying? Ft. Irwin is a base and only has military services, not civilian.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no, he is not in the military. We sent him to stay out there with his sister and brother-in-law as he came to us and indicated he was on drugs (cocaine) and needed to get out of the invironment that kept drawing him back in.

He is 32 years old, has had a diagnosis of some sort about 8 years ago? He is paranoid and cannot keep a job, even though he is a certified welder. He suffers from depression and was seeing the local state run mental health facility in Oklahoma City, hence the zoloft, but we all felt it was important to get him away from the drugs.

He has no income at all, no transportation (other than sister driving him around). And of course, he cannot work on the base. He can only stay there so long, so we are getting rather desperate to find first treatment, then somehow, a place to live, not sure where yet. He really cannot come back and live at home, that is becoming an intenable situation, as my husband suffers from treatment resistant depression, PTSD etc. etc. and his mental health is always a precarious situation. Adding a son who cannot work and has mood swings of his own is just not working anymore. On the other hand, I am not sure we can "throw him out on the streets" either.

He does have a criminal background, but is currently on probation and should be off soon. Nothing other than shoplifting for almost 8 years.

Barstow would be the closest city to Ft. Irwin. His sister is willing to drive him there for services.

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide. Getting desperate on this end!

I understand. Thank you for the additional information.

It sounds like your son is struggling with addiction and a mental health disorder. It is hard to tell what he may have, but from the symptoms you listed, he does need at least an evaluation, treatment and to continue his medications.

It is a good sign that your son knows he has a drug problem and understands that he needs to get away from his environment at home. His ability to be insightful and help himself will go a long way in his recovery.

There are numerous places nearby your son that he can try. But since he has no income and may need case management and housing services, the local community mental health center would be his best bet. They can offer him no cost/low cost services and help him sign up for insurance. They also will help him find drug and alcohol treatment as well as housing, if he chooses to stay in CA. Here is the link:

You can also contact the local United Way in the CA area and ask for additional resources. The United Way is a clearinghouse of community information and has nearly, if not all, resources available in the area. Here is the link:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. I understand how frustrating it is trying to help someone from so far away. But it sounds like your son has a great advocate in his corner!


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