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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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For olsen i am rewriting this unfortunately ja lost my

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hi for steven olsen i am rewriting this unfortunately ja lost my question. i had a very bad night at work last night. i was overwhelmed with too many pts. i had a pt get admitted by the dr who calls us by our first initial. like easy going energetic ever ready to help elizabeth. well he writes many many pages of orders. i didnt look at them i faxed them to pharmacy. pharmacy calls me and says that this has an abbreviation that its illegal. and a duplicate med order. and this one doesnt have a date/ time. so i see the other issues but not the date/ time issue. so i say this. the pharmacist starts yelling at me that i changed the order and forged it and shes faxing me a copy of the one without it. and shes writing an incident report. i answer her and say i didnt do thar, i could only think i faxed it and then the dr fixed it after. and she made a comment about how the pharmacists are always being written up and all this crap. i say ive never written a pharm up!! i m here just trying to get thsi straightened out to help my pt to get her meds. she backs off me and is like ok ill put this order since you need it now but get it clarified. i was very shaken, and called the dr at like midnite and he said he did put in the times. i got the clarification and call her back. shes not there. i was so upset and literally dizzy steven. i told peter before i called the dr, he seemed to be like zoned out. i dotn even know if he heard me or understood what i was being accused of. i showed him the orders, but maybe he saw it was clearly oin the drs handwriting? he just said call and clarify. ok so after all this im crying. i felt like the whole world was ending. i told the charge nurse who said before i told her- that im a tough nut to crack and that pharmacist mustve really done soemthing to piss me off.anyways she also said i shouldve put her on hold and she wouldve told her off and i shouldnt have dealt with her. i told her i had no idea and wasw shocked she said all this. i showed her the drs order and she said thats not your handwriting. i said how do u know? she said thats dr so and so handwriting. she told me not to worry and had another nurse help me with a few things to catch me up. i just felt like this whole nsg thing really isnt for me. i cant constantly be in fear of my license. between the overload and unsafeness of our pt loads to false accusations. dr a really pissed me off. he saw me in the med room crying and he said a couple of platitudes of how were a team and well make it thru etc and i shouldnt make a mountain out of a molehill. he sounded so fake, i couldnt take it. he didnt even know what happened. how could even say anything about it? not long later im trying to calm down in the middle of this hellhole. im trying probably not very articulately - that this etoh pt wants to stay in the er til the am. this is a bullshit practice we do that i cant fight anymore. ok, so i tell him the pt doesnt want to leave. he says well im d/c ing him. im not admitting him. for what? why should we admit him? i said i didnt ask you to admit him. i said he wants to stay the nite in the er. he says ok ok calm down liz. you dont need to get so upset. fine im aware hes staying. well work it out and i have full confidence in you. i replied in front of the charge nurse - thats so insulting dr a. really its ridiculous. who said i cant handle it? i walked away. angry believe me. best that i do btw. so dr b comes by and he sees me upset and says what happened? i said i cant even get into it. hes like ok, ok, what can i do to help you? i said nothing ill be ok. dr b was just so nice. and i guess unassuming? like he took it that someone did something to me - not that ima shitty nurse. or i cant handle my crap. he put his hand on my shoulder, but it didnt feel uncomfortable. it was heavy, but not hard or hurting me. he said you need a break? i said i cant take a break. i dotn have time to even pee. he told me ok, well take a minute. so soem time goes by. im avoiding dr a. well i get a vip pt. sound familiar? just like when i lost my last job. hes friends with the ceo. anyway i just rushed a pt to the or with an incarcerated hernia - i just wheeled him out and this pt shows up. the room is a mess with no bed. i said ok just give me amoment. i dont know hes a vip btw - neither did the charge nurse though. i sit him in a chair, call housekeeping. i speka to him and he has priapism.yep 5 hours. which means that his thing may fall off. so he tells me hes friends with the ceo, and if i get a dr over here hell make it worth my wild. i said that i need to assess hima nd then i can speak to the drs. he keeps telling me hes fine nothing else is wrong - hes a very buff 65 year old btw. im shocked by his apperance in way. skin tight jeans and a black t shirt.i assess him - i go over to the dr box and dr a and b are there . i tell them i have a pt and i need a dr stat. i fill them in on the ceo situation also. ok, dr a goes (just to

Oh my gosh that is a horrible day! You must want to quit, like yesterday! These types of days make us all wonder why we got into our fields and you even had a VIP patient with a very sensitive issue to contend with. (to say the least)

I like that even though you probably felt like a puddle after all this stress and pharmacy mess, you held it together enough get people on your side. Many folks would have melted and not been able, or would have walked off the job together.

Remember, the past trauma of losing your job will resurface, feeling wise, with any similar situation. This circumstance is very similar,r and there is no doubt in my mind that what you felt was a post secondary trauma. This type of feeling is awful as it magnifies any parallel situation and makes it worse. It is a strong, strong echo of the original trauma and it can really hurt.

Sometimes Liz the goal is not to do well, but to survive. You met this goal. You didn't get terminated, and you didn't make any lasting enemies. In fact, you may have earned yourself another survivor stripe.

Liz, one day you will leave this crazy world of the ER. You just have to make it through. And, I know you will. Days like the "I want to quit the career" happen, but you handled it well...despite what you felt, that you did not. You are strong and a survivor. It will take more than this to ruin you. I am sorry about the day, but see this reaction as a sign of the growing character of you, growing and changing and adapting. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i didnt handle it well. i got upset and panicked. then i told dra off. i was told he has a dry sense of humor and he didnt mean itr insultingly. i said he was condescending. which he was. then he made the hard play to be "friendly" he took ever pt of mine last nite, dr b asked me when im not in this place what do i do for fun? i told him im a mom and spend time with my daughter.. he - to gwt off subject - told me some interesting things let me tell you.
Hang tight. I am having some computer issues on JA...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
either way they didnt say anything to me as of yet.. although one i think the dr will back me up - and 2 it doesnt look like its altered. its obviously written in his handwriting.
dr b told me yest am after all this drama that that nite he told me hed give me an hour long back massage the next nite. so that would be last nite. my shoulder is actually killing me, i cant raise my arm above my shoulder for like 3 weeks now. i also burned myself on sunday while cooking on my same arm on the back of it. he didnt give me a back massage. dr b told me about his on again off again romance with a girl who gets too clingy, he dated 3 married women, all who left their husbands, not for him, which he was fine with for the 1st 2, it was for fun, but the last one he wanted and she didnt want him. and he lived with 1 woman whom everything was great, but then things all of a sudden fell apart, they started fighting and she started cheating. he just turned 39 on thursday. so hes a me...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
then he made a comment about another nurse thereabout how they - the drs - think shed be really good in bed - like a dictator. i said well isnt that nice? he said oh come on you talk about us like that too. i said oh you wish. of course thats true.. but well im not going to admit it.
meanwhile the drs beat it out of me what happened the nite before and i told them and they said - whoa!! and what?! and oh shit. and i said i take it very seriously when someone jeopardizes my license. b/c thats threatening my kid and my house. they reassured me, and dra said oh but you have the union. i said the union is not going to get me out of professional misconduct.
i should know huh?
dr a looked a little tubby last night - maybe the shirt, maybe the angle, but maybe its all the mc donalds. he mentioned to me about the brownies i made on sunday, and he said were those the same brownies from before? the same recipe? i said yes. he said they were better this time. i said.. ok. i dont know of any difference... he asked what i put in them, i said chocolate.
dr a kept making comments like hey liz in the box!!! (the doc box..) and kept chatting me up alot. we were doing a procedure on a 7 year old who fell, had a concussion, and had a piece of his gum hanging cut away from his jaw from the injury - what happened to my arm? i had a pretty decent burn - def a 2nd degree, the blister broke and its burning and i didnt want to keep contaminating it on surfaces so i bandaged it up with gauze. well dr a asks while im asessing this kid, what happened? i said im ok, b/c i didnt want to talk about it. he says in front of the kids whole family and the other pt and their family. its like 2am mind you. he says i didnt ask how you were, i asked what happened. i said well talk about it outside. he doesnt ask me again and i dont mention it. we go back to the room to cut the piece of his gum that got cut by his front teeth, and im holding the kids head and pulling back his lip, and he asks again. i said if you dont care how i am whats the difference of what happened? there was a small chuckle in the room, but really silence. i felt like he was trying to look cool in front of everyone. which i dont need to have a persona for these people. and the pts already think hes cool- hes an er dr for gods sake. and why does he need to try to make up an issue?
i told dr b about it and he said i dont blame u, but he also added that dr a thinks hes funny.

Egos and doctors, they are synonymous, aren't they. And, look at the control and narcissistic attitude of Dr a. He demands that you, for admittedly little more than his won personal reason to know, insists to find out what happed that you got a burn. What an attitude! And, he asks in a non-private setting, to gain additional leverage from the patients. No wonder this guy is going to be alone. He's a real piece of work!

For you, you stood your ground. You do not have to apologize if you react to utter rudeness in a less than wonderful way. We are all just human. He deserved it. And, what is the comment about the sexual issue about which nurses are good in bed? What arrogance and attitude, to say this in an open way. Yes, these types of conversations do happen, sadly...but they are not public fodder for amusement.

I am amazed at the weird things that go on in terms of unprofessional behavior at your hospital. People share intimate details of their lives...why? What are you to do with affairs and psychological trauma? You are not their therapist. I think most of these doctors need to be in counseling, without a doubt. They are so inappropriate.

I am sorry you deal with this. But, you are navigating it. Like white water rafting we sometimes get through pretty, but many times we just get through the rocks. I would not worry about how well you looked when you are insulted so badly or treated as an information source only. I see many a reason that when you get your tenure here that you find another source of income; nursing yes...but this ER...gads. This is making telemetry look attractive. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
either way, one i still kind of dont know what to think of dra or drb. maybe the same which is... ok..?
oh another fun fact. dr b medicine isnt his 1st career. while he was in college he was a bartender... then became a paramedic. he majored in wait for it. speech pathology. and then went to medical school. interesting since he has a stutter.
and i still have to say, i dont think i really have made any progress. i like nsg. i like the er even. but i dont like all this liability and no repercussions for false accusations. the way the market is, the nurses are disposeable. and were treated pretty badly i think.

Liz, really? No progress at all? I am not sure about what you see, but you are a more thoughtful, careful and mature person. You have more insight, ability and are not as vulnerable as before. You are getting a lot of shots to the head so to speak, but you are doing well, really. Steven

I am about to get on a plane so we will get interrupted but I will talk with you tonight. I would like to see how on earth you think you are the same as a year ago!

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well dr b made the comment about the dictator and the nurse in bed. dr a doesnt make sexual comments. dr b just like told me this whole load of crap in a short period of time, it was amazing really. it was strange, 1st the concern for me, then the massage..? which i know isnt right but i was thinking how bad my shoulder was... and then all the info about the women hes dated.
dr a tried to push me more in front of the family - did you cut yourself? did you hit a hot stove? i was going to tell him it was from the rough sex i had that day but there was children in the room...
i couldve told him it was from the way he grabbed my arm and threw me down onto the bed.... im sure that wouldve shut him up.
i feel like im in the same bad position at new hospital. basically biding my time to see if i can hide long enough to have the state investigate me - and have this job so i can appear normal - along with getting my year, along with have another baby if possible...and to see if i can get out before something really bad happens to me.
i guess thats why i feel the same. i still am just waiting for the other shoe to drop with the state. this lawyer still hasnt sent me the letter or answered any communication now. and basically i guess i paid her for 1500 dollars for this letter that doesnt exist.
i just feel like stuck. and waiting for someone to just come along and take everything i worked for away from me. that accusation from that pharmacist just proved it to me that im not paranoid, that people are scumbags. thats like me saying i said she was diverting narcotics. i would never accuse someone unless it was a blatant thing b/c you can never restore your reputation. which i also feel about me. ill never be who i used to be. the all star nurse. im the b team. the weaker link.
last nite i had a guy whom i suspected was in an arrythmia, i got him all set up and worked up. i got dr a, who came immediately, i put him on the monitor on the 02 nitro popped a line started fluids, aspirin, ekg. chest xray labs drawn and sent not brain surgery, but i did it quickly, . dr a decides the pt should be moved up front to the acute area. he didnt tell me and i see my pt being wheeled out. i say where is he going? and im told by a nurses aide. i spoke to the charge nurse and she said oh dont take it personally. i said well im just saying i got dr a right away, did the neuro assessment, and all the orders and now im sending him up? and she just said oh its just b/c he needs to be watched more. i said ok... i spoke to dr a and he said - oh well think he may be critical and thats the critical area. i said ok.
what can i say to that? i used to take all the sickest and on top of that the most pts on the floor plus run the floor and run any code on a 40 bed surgery floor steven. a vent unit nonetheless too.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ps dr a still doesnt know i have a burn i didnt tell him. just to bust balls. dr b knows b/c i told him what dr a said. and telemetry still is the armpit of nsg. thx anyway. id rather deal with this. i hate tele. ugh.

Don't be so determined to prove that you are on the B team. You are the victim of a system that is too large, and too understaffed and too litigation happy. You took a hit in your last job. You took one big hit that was unfair, political in the nature with a VIP patient, a bunch of addicts and just plain unfortunate. This in no way proves that you are a less than valuable nurse or person. And, you are not waiting for doom; you are looking to see what will happen and good things do happen to you, contrary to a lot of what you often say. Can you name three things that you are blessed with? I will bet you can. Sounds sort of trite, but focus is focus.

The attorney is a major animal if there is no letter...and you are entitled to your money back, but I also know that you are short on funds for this type of thing. I am telling you, attorneys are bad stuff most of the time. Still no letter from the State? That is a very good sign.

Your plan sounds good. Stay in the job; have another child and get out when you can.

I had to laugh when you said that you could have told him you got the burn during rough sex. Really funny Liz. You still have that wild sense of humor! Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
steven of course ive had 3 good things happen in 34 years of life. my god. im not tiny tim. shit. but i also worked for them. no one said hey lets give liz a break. or she could use some help. or shes not a bad person. i can think of 3 really good things as well as 3 devastating things. ill have to use the other attorney now for the state even b/c i feel i have lost all trust in her. ill have to tell her that i used the 1st attorney and like... now what? and shell have to deal with her. or she may tell me shell deal with the state and get a damm 3rd attorney to deal with the 1st attorney which i actually think is whats going to happen. the 2nd attorney doesnt seem to touch anything thats not nsg related. so ill prob have to get jack, my friends friend to deal with her. if you and i knew each other in the real life world and you asked me what happened and i said it was all the rough sex i had.. or the rough sex you and i had..? would that make you laugh or take you off guard? now i will backtrack a little from previous answers. one i cant walk out and quit, one b/c of my responsibilities. i have no choice. which is how i ended up screwed last time searching frantically for a job, while stepping on eggshells. unable to quit for financial reasons. so its not character i have. its lack of dignity. basically, just like a whore, i have to go. i may not like how im treated, or abused but ill be there again. to be abused again. i have no choice.
of course the drs talk about which nurses are hot or good in bed. and who theyd like to take their rectal temp im sure. thats the 2nd time dr b has said something suggestive of her. he should probably just go for it. i think she may not be interested as she may want to stick to her nationality - shes phillipino and hes white. either way he should stop flirting with me then. me and her are opposites so if shes his type im not. i told him that. he said hes mainly dated blondes so im his type. i was like whatever. i hate to say this steven, but as far as im concerned i dont compete with other women. i know its only flirting and its "fake" - but if you want to flirt with me i should be your main focus. is that bitchy? the nurses - well theyre still talking about dr a. one aide was waxing poetic about him this am. i just said demurely, oh yeah, he seems nice but well you never know really about anyone. she said yeah i know... anyway i did want to ask about why dr a would ask in front of everyone what happened? and what kind of leverage?
if the pharmacist wrote the incident report i wouldve heard by now right? i mean now im worrying and of course have to worry on my birthday, b/c there are no holidays or relaxing days for me.
it just seems to me that i soemhow luckily am not screwing up nsg wise. its my interpersonal relationships soemhow. i was so nice to her on the phone and i just asked seriously i dotn see that. theres times on all the orders. i mean she went from 0- 60 in a second. she just flipped out.
either way why me? of all the people? if this gets reported - i would look really bad to the board. ill be on a probation from the 1st thing i was told and on top of that ill prob lose my malpractice insurance for 2 reports. and be unable to get reinsured. another really scary option. and how could i prove that 2 separate facilities didnt like me now? honestly what defense do i have with this steven? i dont. it may be just bad luck. but it somehow seems like well this all wasnt meant to be. i try to be careful and practice safely. i run the whole night and jump thru hoops getting food and doing waitress type stuff, and not my nsg job to keep these people happy but i havent gotten one letter or card that i know of at this facility. and now at 6 months i shouldve gotten something. ive had mainly positive feedback from the pts. but to no avail.,
if this all comes to light i have the feeling i wont be employable anymore. at least as a nurse. the record will be public if the 2nd report goes thru and well ill either e fired from the facility or forced to resign. although i think they would juts fire me. im thinking maybe i i should resign. b/c once they fire me its all done. i guess i could try to fight it at the facility and call the dr. but im starting to feel whats the point? and how much should you need to fight to save your career? especially over nothing? it just seems like its a sign somehow. why would this keep happening to me?

I am sure you noticed that: even when you mentioned that you had several good things happen to you that you immediately launched into bad things along with it. Yes, bad things do happen and you are not Bad Luck Shleprock. But sometimes the negative should be left out if you can manage it. It is not good for those who have been through what you have to look to often at the negative side of today's events, unless you have to that is.

You are not a job whore. You could do a lot of things in nursing, and I know that ER nursing pays the bills, but if it came to it you could find employment as a nurse. To say you have no choice is saying you literally have no choices. You do. They might not be all the ones you want, but calling yourself these kinds of names is not good for you either.

Maybe saying that yo got burned in rough sex is a bit over the top, but it fits who you what if it takes them back. (I know, did Steve really just say that?)

I am not an expert on flirting, but it does sound a bit territorial if you say that someone can only flirt with you. That is like going steady, flirting wise, I think.

I am sure the pharm did not write you up. I see that as a non issue based on what you and all the others said. There is no way this would not go your way if it was reported, and I just do not see anything happening anyway. I think in this case you are indeed worrying for nothing. It is not a sign of anything. You are seeing a bad night as evidence that you should not be in a career. Do not let this rule you. It is not going to happen anyway. Too much evidence on the other side of the fence. Breathe, and relax. You are starting to take this too far I think. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
you cant tell me if someone was accused of child molestation by one child, the person goes somewhere else to start anew and has a 2nd accusation, well, you would have doubts that they werent actually commiting these crimes right? i mean you didnt just fall off the turnip truck did you? yeah me neither. i wouldnt leave kate alone with them to find out. well thats how the state would look at me. i didnt let one event start making me rethink my career in nsg. not ast all. but its been 2 years of harassment that has me there. and its not even the 1st cycle of abuse or harassment ive been thru. in nsg school i was harassed by this one teacher who busted my balls no matter how hard i tried. then after a year of being a new nurse, i had a boss who came after me. i went thru several bosses, alternating between im a great nurse to im a piece of shit. and the work is so back breaking, and unappreciated, id say it was equivelant to digging ditches. youre respected as much as a whore is. i think that just about wraps it up. i am a job whore. i said the analogy to other nurses at work, and well another said she feels like shes sold her soul to the devil. apparently we have issues there. dr a wrote a sign saying we heart - a heart was drawn - our nurses. hardworking was written in all squished as an after thought... love the er drs. that would be dr a and dr b. any comments on that one? also a number of people birthdays are currently going on. it seems the er is stocked with scorpios. and dr b. a scorpio and an italian guy. holy smokes... you should say what you said above about the rough sex. you told me to be me. im not saying i like that as we discussed. but if saying your mother in law is the fattest chemo pt you ever saw is your type of humor. well cheers ***** ***** likes it and f**k the rest. stupid burn is pretty bad. its painful and its indented. dr b said hed look at it, and redress it, but we never got back to it. i didnt mention that i felt him stating he does the married women type thing... well, was that a come on? and yes i do believe in what i stated which is if im near enough to you to see/ hear you, no flirting with other women. or how they may be in bed. if its going steady or whatever you want to call it, fine. how would you feel if im flirting with dra and you were standing there? exactly. bully nurse talked with me on the last night. she vented on me about margaret screwed up her pts admission and rewrote the orders 3 toimes etc. she did the same thing with my pt and i said so, although i kind of regretted saying anything. i dont know why bully nurse is trying to keep talking to me. she was an extra who was around, and she came to help me expedite people to the flkoor as i had 4 beds out of 7 pts, and a ton of work- to get them up there. she came and did one. she couldve done more but then they told her take pts from margaret, and i just kept going. whatever. i just said oh yeah... i was supposed to go out with my friend who we just went to her bro in laws halloween party today and go shopping for the girls. our daughters, not us. anyway, first it was lets go!! then she said, oh i cant stay out too late. then it was i have to be back by 2pm to pick the kid up. (her husband isnt working, but now all of a sudden he has to do something...? and then at 830 this am it was oh i got called to substitute. shes a teacher. so we didnt go. i was pissed and bummed as she does that to me quite often.. i know she has responsibilities, but i dont like being jerked around. if it was this time and it rarely happened i feel differently. i feel like its for different reasons at different times.. and shes always just so busy its ill come after this, or i have to leave to go there. i feel like im a stop off, or an extra errand anymore. i dont have many friends whoi arent nurses now anymore since ive been a nurse for so long... i hate to drop her, but i feel stupid to a point. and dissapointed on my birthday to just be dropped like this.
oh and btw, do you think that tmm could at least text me for my freaking birthday?

Happy birthday by the way, belated. (are you now 26?) :0)

I do understand that if you have a double history of reports to the State that your career is toast. One licensing hit is more than enough and two is fatal.

My point is that the likelihood that you will actually get this second hit is unlikely. It is much more unlikely than you think, and there is no way that the pharmacy person is going to take you to the State reporting level. I really want, if you can, to see that the trauma of your past is a primary reason why you are vigilant to these types of things.

No, I do not think you are unreasonable in being careful, but I do not want you to wind yourself into anxiety at the typical day to day messes that nurses often get into. Your field is just rife with opportunity to screw up, that is true. But you are anything but dull in terms of being careful and if Margaret can stay this long...well, that tells you something.

Dr b was being very inappropriate. As a matter of fact, in psychology what he is doing to you is called grooming...seeing if you are one of those married blondes that would like to have a fling. In many ways, this guy is not too bright and is arrogant in a less subtle way than he first appears.

The heart with the docs featured as the star? Of course. That would be par, right? They know (cough, cough) that without them the world stops its revolving and day and night ceases. I saw similar things at my hospital. Nurses are treated badly in many cases, and we all "love" the doctors. Of course...

Well, I didn't mean that you should be mean, just that you can afford to be yourself. Blunt truth is not totally you. I mean you are married. You have to be negotiator and compromising person to a significant extent.

Bully nurse is just being manipulative. She can't beat you up directly so being your friend might get her somewhere with information, leverage, etc. She could just be friendly of course, but I am betting otherwise.

I agree. When people treat us like we are disposable, that others are there for their convenience, it is annoying at the least, and painful at the worst to live with this. Beck and call relationships usually do not last. There is just not enough there to feel like we are valued. Drop her you may have too. Yes, it sucks. But this sadly is a universal trait of the hopelessly self centered. Steven

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
HI steven, i replied to this, did you get my answer? i dont see it posted.