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Fabio Goderecci
Fabio Goderecci, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MD, Specialist in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
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What type of mental illnesses would be prescribed thorazine?

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what type of mental illnesses would be prescribed thorazine?
Fabio Goderecci :

Hello and thank you for your question to JA. I hope I will be able to help you. After my first answer I will be happy to comment once more if you feel the need to ask more. Thorazine is one of the commercial names for chlorpromazine which is a medicine used for many years to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic problems. In spite of the advent of the new neuroleptic generation it is still in use in many countries.

Dr. Fabio Goderecci
Important Note: I will answer to your first original question and to a second question about the same topic for a maximum of two answers.

Disclaimer: this psychiatric/psycho-therapeutic advice is for educational purposes. It cannot substitute a medical/psycho-therapeutic evaluation/treatment having place in person at the practice of a licensed psychiatrist/psycho-therapist. This advice should always be applied under the personal supervision of a specialist at her/his practice. If your situation is an emergency you should visit an emergency unit right now.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If a person was given this medication when he was in prison would that mean that he was actually diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, or would they be allowed to give a prisoner this medication just to keep him calm if he was a troublemaker in prison?

If the medicine is officially in use in the country in question and it has been given by a licensed doctor the answer is yes: this medicine has been used for ages as a first aid medication for any kind of acute situations which include agitation, sever insomnia, aggressive behavior and so on. At lower doses 50-150mg it can be given also for problems other than psychosis like for example extreme agitation, severe insomnia and so on. It does not necessarily mean that the person has been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. This medicine begins to be helpful for acute psychosis only above a dose of 300-400 mg. At lower doses has a sedative effect. Anyway consider that different counries have different legislation so what I am saying needs to be applied to the legislation of the country where this happens.

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