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My thearapist is trying to get me in a hospital on Monday.

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My thearapist is trying to get me in a hospital on Monday. She says I should have done it 6months ago but I have resisted that because I hate it. I don't feel as though I have been given a choice at this point, ecept that I can go to a different hospital than before because I said I would never go back there again. But I can't stand change either and it seems to me like this whole thing is making me worse with anxiety and fear and I don't know how that could be helpful. Waiting is horrible. I can't sleep,eat,sit still let alone try and work. I know I have a right to say no but then my family gets involved and it's like I don't really have that choice. Is anything I can do that will keep me out and not have so many conflicts? I have tried to tell them how bad I hate it and I can't tell if they are bluffing me to get me to go or if they really would take somekind of action against me. Surely there is something different I could do isn't it? I am plenty old enough to make decisions for myself.

Thank you for requesting my help.

It is certainly your choice whether or not you go into the hospital. Unless you are suicidal or homicidal with a plan or you have deteriorated so badly that you are not able to function in your daily life, your family or your doctor cannot force you into the hospital.

I can understand that they feel they are acting in your best interest. Maybe it is something they see that they are concerned about, or it may be that one of them feels that you should go and the rest are following along. But for whatever reason, they feel concerned about you.

But it seems you do not feel the same as they do. If you do not feel the hospital helps you and you only feel worse if you go, then you can certainly refuse. You may try talking to your family and doctor about alternative treatments. One possible alternative is group therapy. There are some programs that allow you to have a more intensive outpatient treatment experience through multiple group and/or individual therapy sessions during the week. You could also try support groups which may provide you with additional support to help supplement your treatment. Talk to your doctor and therapist about alternatives. You could also increase your medication or ask your treatment team for their own ideas about alternatives.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They say my medications are to complicated to change out of a hospital setting which is one reason they want me to go. I do take alot of different meds and for some reason my body requires like 3 times the dose of other people and yes they are right that I do usaually feel better when I get out. If I could just say when I should get out it might not be so bad, when the door is locked its in someone elses hands. And I have been trying so hard not to have to go back in again that it makes me feel like I have failed. I cut alot when I am more stressed but they should be used to that by now. I live 1 1/2 hrs from a large town that might have some of the groups and things like that which is why I got two of the books you suggested and looked at the web sites. I down loaded the books so I can't take them with me. I read slow to understand so I am not sure I have had enough time to read much to help. Now I sound like a bunch of excuses! I do ussually have to rely on my dr. to help me see when things are getting so bad. This the first time they have just let me leave and be alone for 3 days before I go. Just more time to hurt and plan. Wouldn't they be able to see that? So why are they doing that to me? Giving me time.

You can still say no to an inpatient stay. It is still up to you. But if you feel it would benefit you in any way, it may be worth it. Just tell your doctor you want as short a stay as possible. Also, as long as you go in on a 201, you have the choice to leave. Just be sure you leave when it benefits you, and not before hand. You could end up harming yourself if you leave during an important medication change.

You may also want to talk to your doctor about taking medications that do not require hospital stays to change. I don't know if that is possible in your situation, but it is worth a try.

They may just want to give you time to think things through on your own. A way of giving you more choice in what you want to do. No one wants to hurt you. They just want to help. And this is what they feel will do it.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What is a 201?

It's a voluntary commitment. It means that you go to the hospital and sign yourself in. A 302 is an involuntary commitment. In order to do a 302, someone has to witness you saying you intend on hurting yourself, or someone else and you have show intent by stating a plan or you are harming yourself by not caring for yourself and you are at risk.


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