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My neighbor who lives across the from me has exhibited

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my neighbor who lives across the hall from me has exhibited "strange" behavior to several of the people on our floor in the last 6 months. She is a 59 yr old female, who now has become a recluse. She is retired. She no longer associates with any of her friends in the condo where we all live. If she does speak to them, it now is with anger. I just this week tried to make conversation with her. She answered me with great contempt and her sentences were "disjointed". None of them were connected really to the other one. She seemed to be very angry about a sentence from last year that I said "I went out to dinner with Luann".She seemed very offended at this and proceeded to curse at me. My husband said "hello" to her yesterday, and she replied: "Oh, it's you, I thought you were under House arrest!: guess they let you out!"
I am quite concerned as she lives alone and afraid she is getting worse. She had mentioned several years ago that she had a psychologist, don't know if she continues to go. Basically I am alittle afraid of her since she lives across the hall from me. Could she do something physical to me?

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like she could have schizophrenia and maybe be either need a medication change or may have gone off her medication. It is common for people with mental illness to feel fine on their medication and stop taking it because they feel they are better.

Another possibility could be that your neighbor is developing Alzheimer's. One of the first signs of Alzheimer's is changes in personality. Also, withdrawal from social and personal relationships.

Either way, it is unlikely she would try to harm anyone unless provoked. But if you do see her become more combative, contact the police. The police have the authority to place her in hospital care for an evaluation. Also, if you think you may run into her, try to have someone with you just in case. You or your neighbors may want to call your local community mental health center to ask what can be done. If she is willing to go for an evaluation, you may be able to try to get any family she has to take her. Or if she qualifies, she may also be able to get an in home evaluation by the local Area Agency on Aging. You can contact them to describe the problem and see what they advise.

All of these numbers and information can be found through the United Way.

I hope this has helped you,

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