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Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Kate, Thanks for the kind words that I really don`t think I

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Thanks for the kind words that I really don`t think I deserve. Sure people lose their tempter but I was more like this out of control crazy person. I`ve never lost my cool like that. I`ve never made my daughter cry and it breaks my heart.
Yes, I did have several stressful issues to deal with but a better person would have dealed much better than I did. I behaved very immaturely.
My daughter has forgiven me already. But I think that was the easy part. Forgiving myself is quite another.
I`m not sure how to do this. Every time I think of how I behaved, I feel disgusted with myself. I usually end up crying and thinking how horrid I am and acted.
I`m not sure what to do. Maybe it will just take some time. Hopefully I can forgive myself. I hold onto so much guilt already that I really don`t need to add to it.
Thanks again.

Kathy, taking a look at how you talk to yourself (your internal self talk) is a good start. Your thinking is that you are a bad person. You automatically assume this perspective and don't consider that you are a good person. What makes you bad? Where did this idea come from? And how does it continue to consume your thought pattern and interfere with any chance you have of feeling good about yourself?

You may have been like a crazy person with your daughter, but considering the amount of stress you were under, it was not unexpected. You were dealing with things that few people have to deal with and you dealt with them all at one time. That would take anyone down. You are going to feel bad about lashing out, that is normal. It is what makes you a good mother. Your daughter knows you are sorry and that it is highly unlikely you would do it again. If your daughter had done this to you, would you forgive her? Take a look at it from her perspective. That will help.


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