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im on a medicine that if you stop abruptly itcould be harmful

Customer Question

im on a medicine that if you stop abruptly itcould be harmful even cause death its a controled substancemed also im in a gam because in the process of moving it was either stolen or lost or misplaced it is aweekend so no one can help regardless they are so strict theese days no one that i can think of will even fill it early . iv been on it for several years so without it i get very sick anxious and depressed i cant function .this is a crutial time in my life and the last thing i need is missery plus i have a little girl to take care of and the reason im on it is so i can function mentaly and physicaly. er wont urgent care wont my docter wont what can i do ? iv waisted to many years in bed because i couldnt find the right meds and once i do this happens and im back in bed. please tell me what i can do.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 5 years ago.

Dr.Kappler :

Your physician must have someone on call to handle just this kind of emergency. Contact him and if you don't get a response go to the ER and have them contact him. You should never let this type of life emergency to chance. That is why there are ER's. If they say they will not help you then tell them that you are going to wait there till things get worse. Your doctor needs to talk with you and you need to make it clear to that person that if you are to be on this medication then these kind of problems will have to be worked out. He is obligated to protect you from just such a problem.

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