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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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I've tried traditional therapy in the past with no success.

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I've tried traditional therapy in the past with no success. I don't feel comfortable talking about anything painful face-to-face with anyone. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder & moderate depression. I'd like to try e-therapy but can't find one I can afford or who practices in my state. My self esteem is dependent on how I perceive others are treating me. I have a difficult time believing that I am likeable or worth anything. I don't have any close friends. I cannot drive because it scares the crap out of me (I think this is due to control, confidence & trust issues?) Everyone tells me to just get over it and drive but I feel that I'd be putting my kids lives in danger if I drove them anywhere. We live in a small enough town that most of the time it's not that big a deal to work around it but still it leaves me feeling like a failure. Please let me know if can be done to help me.

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.

Sometimes it is much easier to express your feelings when you are not faced with someone looking at you. That is understandable.

There are some options for you. You can try a site on line such as I don't know what they would charge but they do have many options. You could also work on your issues at home through self help. Here are some resources to help you:

Self-Esteem: A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Self-Esteem by Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning

The Self-Esteem Workbook by Glenn R. Schiraldi

Healing Your Emotional Self: A Powerful Program to Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem, Quiet Your Inner Critic, and Overcome Your Shame by Beverly Engel

You can find these books on or your local library may have them for you.

You can also use self help groups on line. That way, you can get support and still be anonymous. Here is a link to help you:

You can also work with someone here on Just Answer. Experts can work with people on an ongoing basis. You can continue with a thread you start or request a certain Expert you feel comfortable with. You reimburse the Expert as you get answers. It provides a therapist for you while also allowing you to remain comfortable at home. Also, experts can respond any time day or night and some also work weekends. So you can get an answer quickly and anytime you need one.

I hope this has helped you,

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry for waiting so long to accept the answer. I can only do this at work since my depression makes my husband angry. Physically, I'm safe, but ...

That's ok. I appreciate the accept.

If you feel that your relationship is abusive, there is a lot of help out there. You may want to consider contacting a domestic abuse hotline and also learning more about domestic abuse. People often do not realize that just because you are not being hit, does not mean you are not being abused. There are many forms of abuse including psychological/emotional. These can be just as damaging as physical abuse, maybe even more so.