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Category: Mental Health
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Kate, Thanks for the suggestions. I will do my best to try

Resolved Question:

Thanks for the suggestions. I will do my best to try at least one of them.
I really don`t think I can ask her about the time issue. I am afraid to mention it. It was reasonable that she didn`t have enough time to tell me she was cutting my appt. short. However it has happened before and it does unsettle me when she does this especially because I had such intense feelings to discuss with her.
Writing to you helps me greatly. I feel less alone. I find myself thinking of suicide more often each day. I`ve written a letter to my daughter just in case. However, I know I could never lease her to deal with something serious that I did
It is really late, almost 3 a.m. I will try to lie down and hopefully not think too much about all the bad things that have happend to me.
One more day to go before my appt. If I can get through tomorrowl, then I will feel better since I see my therapist on Monday. But again, I`m going to have a tough time at it because I don`t want to waste precious time talking about how upset I was at her ending our last appt. early.
Thanks as always.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  TherapistMarryAnn replied 5 years ago.

You could always think about bringing the shortened appointments up to her, maybe sometime in the future when you feel more comfortable. Your therapist should be open to hearing anything from you. Therapy is supposed to be like that. But I understand your comfort level has to be there too.

I am distressed to hear that you are thinking about suicide more and more. It is an indication that you are depressed and the treatment you are getting needs changed. It could also be that the morphine is making you feel worse. Morphine is a depressant and can affect your thoughts and feelings more than you realize. Does your therapist know how you feel? Does she know about the letter to your daughter?


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