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Mina, Clinical Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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My 16 year old grandson in Canada has been hospitalized

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My 16 year old grandson in Canada has been hospitalized twice because of his out of control behavior. As of today we still do not have a diagnosis for his out of control behavior. Since May he has gone has been in this situation where the parents do not know what to do. He seemed depressed to me because he started to do badly in school, could not focus, he has no motivation, we learned he started smoking pot, he is angry at his father and tells him he hates him. The family situation has been stressful due to poor comunitcations and financial troubles. There are two siblings, 13, 10 girls. It seems that the parents have take him to doctors but no one seems to know what has caused this behavior. He has also bed eating habits, no vegie, little fruits, some meat but mostly junk food. What can the parents do to help his son to get better and get control of his behavior. It seems when he cant get what he wants he starts to scream , throw things around, brake things, hit doors, and cant stop. that is when the parents called police and they took him to the hospital but after 3 days he was released with no treatment or interventions done. Horrible discharge plans. PS the father refused medicine since he feel its addictive and fears side affects.


I am sorry to hear about the difficulties with your grandson. I can understand your concern that this has caused. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to make a diagnosis without having met your grandson, so I wouldn't want to give you any false impressions. Especially when drugs are concerned, it is difficult for a clinician to make a diagnosis when a patient is on drugs as they can affect the person's behaviour significantly and it is difficult to establish if certain behaviors and changes are due to mental health or due to drugs. Someone would also need to know of any history of mental health of the child and the family. The behaviors you described could be symptoms of many disorders, firstly drug abuse but also manic depression, psychotic episode, conduct disorder, or personality disorders. However, it could also be a combination of depression and drug abuse. As I said, when someone is on drugs it is very difficult to establish any diagnosis. In all cases, your grandson wold need to get help in a specialist clinic firstly to address his drug addiction. If he managed to quit the drugs and still the problems continued then his parents would definitely need to consider psychotherapy. This could be done either 1:1 with your grandson and a therapist or if the family has certain communication issues (as you said above) then it would be suggested for the whole family to engage in family therapy. In all cases, therapists do not take on substance addicted patients and they require them to be clean before they commence therapy. So tackling his addiction would definitely be a priority.

You could share these thoughts with his family and discuss it with them. In the mean time I am afraid that there is not much more that you can do apart form being there for them and supporting them. I am sure that your support is invaluable at this difficult time for them.

I hope this helps

All the best


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