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Dr. Vikas
Dr. Vikas, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MBBS ; M.D Psychiatry, MS. Health Informatics
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I have used seroquel for sleep 100 mg mon 300 mg tues to

Customer Question

I have used seroquel for sleep 100 mg mon 300 mg tues to avoid tolerance and mixing
In something else on low dose days like lyrica or lunesta with mixed results I am bipolar two which disappears with sleep very strange docs cannot figure it out any comments??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Vikas replied 6 years ago.
Hello Sir,

You have mentioned that you are taking seroquel only on Monday and Tuesday, what about the other days of the week?

Are you currently under treatment of a psychiatrist?

What exactly you are looking for, is it a sleep medicine or a medicine for bipolar illness with sedative quality?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My bipolar depression goes away if I can sleep but I have to go up and down with seroquel from day to day and mix in 150-300 lyrica on days when I go down from 400 seroquel to 200 seroquel and I can mix in ambien no more than once a week same with lunesta. My reg doc has helped the Psyc doc has given up only knows ect but if I can sleep depression goes away ect has helped very little. No other drug has helped depression. Tried Silenor too. Merck has new novel sleep pill but not out. I don't have mania my reg doc suggested lithium or ability but they don't seem for me
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
See my answer above any sleep ideas
Expert:  Dr. Vikas replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. Seroquel is a very sedating medicine and can be helpful in patients who are also having sleep related problems. It is not addictive in nature and therefore no dependence or tolerance is noticed with this medicine.

We usually tell our patients to take it regularly and the usual dose range is 300 mg per day in patients having Bipolar depression. If a patient is still having problem in sleeping, we may prescribe Ativan in low dose to be taken as and when needed.

Could you please tell me, why you are so keen on increasing or decreasing the dose of Seroquel and what do you mean by mixing?
"I have used seroquel for sleep 100 mg mon 300 mg tues to avoid tolerance and mixing"
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The dose of 300 or 400 seroquel will only work for a few days but if I take 200 one day and 400 next day I fool my brain and I discovered lyrica to use on off days . if I don't sleep well my mood is proportiatly better or worse. Just suicidal after bad nite the psychiatrist is good for ect which does not work as well as sleep sleep sleep do I make myself clear also ambien works sometimes but I have to be careful not to use it 10mg two days in a row. The lyrica and seroquel are not depressants.
Expert:  Dr. Vikas replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. I will not be able to give you a suitable reply therefore I am opting out from this question. Our other expert will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Best wishes