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Do I have schizofernia

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Hi I am a 30 year old male currently undergoing treatment for SAD GAD and chronic depression. I went to this doctor primary concern was the severe stress and anxiety and alcoholism due to some personal disaster. He put me on Pexep CR 37.5 and mirtaz 15. Now I no more in touch with the doctor but doing better on depression front. However I still suffer from some symptoms that I did never discuss with this doctor. The symptoms of an inherent phobia at the back of my mind that something disastrous is about to happen. For eg while travelling I might get a thought that I am about to meet with an accident, or might get a thought that some death is about to happen in the family. Or I am about to catch some deadly disease If I see a dog I get a feeling that its going to attack me etc etc. But soon after my logical mind takes over and tells me its absurd and nothing like that is going to happen and things become normal till there is another trigger.
Hi, what you are describing are not paranoid delusions, and not schizophrenia. ...but rather excessive worry and fear that sometimes comes with GAD. Paranoid delusions are different..the person experiencing them is not able to differenciate between reality and non reality... and they truly believe that the delusion is real. You are able to discern the difference between the fear and reality. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would help termendously with these fears.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the repply I am almost sorted out with that. Now that I know I might be lucky enough to elude getting entrapped in the Schitzo relm perhaps thanks to more logical genes that I received from my dad is the above prescription good enough to deal with GAD. Once I couldnt find the right doses for pexep 37.5 and instead had to take it 2 times in CR 25 mg dosages and I feel I did better when I took it that way. Right now I am not in touch with my doc as I am in a different location and dont think it would to good to discuss all this over phone. So will it be safe enough if I increase the dose of pexep slightly to 50CR instead of 37.5?
As you may know, only your Doctor can tell you to increase your dose, I do think that would be a safe increase, but please do get his permission.
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