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My sister is bipolar schizophric but refuses to take her

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My sister is bipolar schizophric but refuses to take her medicine. She locks herself in her room with MANY cats. The room has an odor like nothing else.
Her husband commits her but they do not keepher long enough and when she returns home, she stops her meds.
She does not think anything is wrong with her. Freda is 61 and I am 62. Our mother passed away in Feb. and she will not believe it. I could go on and on with this story including her sons ages 37 andf 34 who live at home. Both have Tourette and ADD..
Kell is in jail for 6 months for drugs and Casey has a girlfriend who has terminal liver cancer. We found out that she is pregnant and probably will not live long enough to have or see her baby. I just wish there were something I could do to help my family. She is the o
Dr.Kappler :

Thank you for choosing JustAnswer! Is the house yours or do you share it with your sister? Here is what has been tried and doesn't work. Your sister refuses medication or therapy, even when her husband has her committed. The authorities discharge her with no plans and she stops her medications. She lives in a room with many cats who are not being cared for. Her sons live at home too and only collect SSI. One son is in jail where he is getting no substance abuse treatment so he will return to drugs with a significant certainty. Her other son has a girlfriend who will make him a father before she dies, and unless the courts determine that child cant live at home he will be having to face the responsibilities of being a father. You are concerned because you seem to be the most healthy person in the house and want to do something.

Dr.Kappler :

Lets start out with some suggestions. Firstly your brother-in-law is aware enough of the situation to have his wife committed but not able to follow up in getting her care. He should have the animal shelter come for the cats to save them from neglect. He should go to adult services in your area to see if your sister can be put on a conservatorship. This would mean that she would be forced into treatment for a longer time. Apparently he allows his sons to live in the house for other reasons (likeSSI) without treatment or medication so their chances of getting help are diminished. Are they being taken care of by him or are you the person who does the cqaretaking?

Dr.Kappler :

If you are then so long as you do that they will not get better. If your brother-in-law is not willing to get your sister a conservator then you can go to adult services for help. My concern is that you are not able to keep this house together and need some trained help. There are adult services caseworkers who are much more aware of the specific services your state has to offer. This is beyond the point of a simple family therapy or even a crisis evaluation of the various members of your house being able to provide for themselves. This requires a larger intervention before you become at risk of your house catching fire or some other thing that happens when people are not able to care for themselves. Clearly I feel for you and your situation. My strongest suggestion among all the ones I have offered is to go to Social Services yourself and see what they can provide.

Dr.Kappler :

My sister lives 100 miles away from me and I never see her anymore but just feel so hopeless for her family's future. Her husband is 67 year old self proclaimed "hippie". He's disgusting.


I appreciate the information that you provided and will follow-up on your suggestions.

Dr.Kappler :

He can still get a conversatorship for her. There are injectable medications that will help with her compliance and keep her sane.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I can't reach my brother in law. I guess he didn't pay his phone bill. I feel stagnat now.