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What is the relationship between cognition and intelligenc

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What is the relationship between cognition and intelligence?

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Cognition is the process or method where people integrate, accommodate and process knowledge and information. Intelligence is included within the process of cognition and deals with the processing of cognitive knowledge into meaning, as well as how that knowledge is applied to a situation, circumstance or application.

While most theories have a general agreement on what cognition is: a series of mental processes used in gaining information and comprehending and remembering that information... and that intelligence is indeed a part of cognition, not all agree on the definition of intelligence.

Intelligence and its role in cognition is sometimes not as clear as theorists would like it to be. For example, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, one of the most heavily used and valid tests that measures intelligence, cannot measure common sense, or why people with similar IQ’s see things totally differently; nor does it explain why those who score in the bright to gifted range seem to be more successful in life than those who score in the genius range. (Even David Wechsler who created the WAIS IQ test admitted that intelligence was far more than just a series of cognitive measures, and also stated that emotional intelligence plays a role in our functioning.)

In looking at cognition and intelligence, the relationship seems deceptively simple, that intelligence is simply a part of the process of cognition. Yet, without each other, neither exists in real terms. Could you have a processing and integrating system (cognition) without having an ability to apply it? Could you have an application without a collection and processing system? No. Therefore the two, though distinct in description are also dependently integrated, each supporting the other in how human beings see the world and act upon the environment.


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