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TherapistMarryAnn, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Kate, I went to church last night and it was so good to be

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Hi Kate,
I went to church last night and it was so good to be back among people who talked about other things than just being sick. I felt wonderful and like I had never been away. God is so good.
I read some about the adrenal gland and steriods but not too much because I don't want to get my hopes up that adrenal fatigue is not my problem and can be fixed, although it's hard to believe the tests I took won't show anything else. But it's in God's hands and all I can do is wait and pray.
It would be so wonderful to have something definite in my hands and to be able to say, "here, this is why I feel like I do, it's not just all in my mind".
I've finally accepted that what I've gone through these past 6 months have worn me down physically and mentally and I need to rest both. I am allowing myself to take a nap IN BED if I'm really tired. Until just recently I never went to bed during the day or hardly even rested on the couch. Going to be during the day meant to me that I was sick and I very seldom got sick enough to stay in bed during the day time. But I am 76 years old with a very bad back and I discovered that laying down helps my back a lot.
That's another thing, my back. I am in constant pain every hour of the day and not taking anything to relieve the pain because I can't take the drugs but Dr. Hernz did tell me that constant pain can drag you down and make you feel physically tired. I kind of have forgotten that.
God bless,


I am out at the moment and will get back to you as soon as I can. Sorry I can't respond right away. I am glad to see that you feel good about being with people who are upbeat and positive and accepting of you.

Talk with you soon.



It sounds like you have found a way to cope with the stress. Rest is so important, especially since we are, as a culture, so against taking time for ourselves. With a bad back and all the other stressors, rest is that much more important. Plus you have the added benefit of offsetting some of the anxiety you feel. Rest helps you feel more in control.

I understand your reluctance to have hope. It is hard when you feel overwhelmed. But even if your problem was not caused by adrenal fatigue, you would still be able to handle it. And this is not all in your mind. Stress and anxiety are very real and the difficulties that go with it are no laughing matter. Like I always say, anxiety is not for wimps.

I am glad you went to church last night. It was a big step and it shows you can face this and do well. Every little bit makes a big difference.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I just came across another article about adrenal fatigue and now I hope I don't have it because there is no cure for it other than minerals and complete diet change.

That was sort of a downer until I picked up the word, Fatigue. What I am dealing with may be more than just fatigue and in fact, still may have something to do with my thyroid. Then again, maybe not.

This is why it's not good to look up things on Google other than simple, everyday stuff. I'll just wait until the doctor calls and then deal with whatever she comes up with. It's out of my hands anyway.

God bless,


Good idea. There is no reason to focus on one thing when it could be something else all together causing this. Most likely something very fixable as well.

I really think that the tiredness you feel has a lot to do with the anxiety anyway. It just makes a lot of sense. And you are right, no sense worrying about it. God will not give you more than you can bear.


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