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Information provided by her father. Basic personality –

Customer Question

CHRISTINE – Information provided by her father.
Basic personality – uncontrollable temper / lacks basic mothering skills / is sexually explicit in dress and what she says / has immune deficiency / lacks common sense / suffers depression / low self esteem / 43 years old / blames everyone for her problems /
Lives with her 68 year old mother and 45 year old sister
She is divorced and has a 13 year old son who stays with her on Thursday nights and every other weekend. Father has primary custody.
UNCONTROLLABLE TEMPER – She frequently verbally (sometimes physically with her sister) lashes out at her sister and mother. She yells uncontrollably and uses foul language even in front of her son.
LACKS BASIC MOTHERING SKILLS – She doesn’t make her son follow simple home rules and neither does she. She doesn’t follow basic modesty rules and often is often nude around her son. Until recently they would sleep in the same bed. She sees nothing wrong in this even though she has been often told this is wrong. She tries to be buddies with him and has no sense of reasonable discipline.
IS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT IN DRESS AND WHAT SHE SAYS – She has been fired from three factory jobs in the past year for dressing provocatively and talking to male employees in sexually suggestively ways. She talks very loudly so all can hear.
HAS LUPUS (IMMUNE SYSTEM DEFICIENCY) – She was diagnosed many years ago and has a physician who she sees fairly and has provided her with medication. She has been on depression medication. I am not sure if she takes it regularly.
LACKS COMMON SENSE – She does not process information is a logical way. She is a habitual liar. Her stories change depending on who she is talking to.
HAS VERY LOW SELF ESTEEM – Ever since her divorce (and somewhat before) she sees herself as not a good mother and unable to get and hold a man in her life.
Father: Terry @ XXX-XXX-XXXX
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 6 years ago.
hello from ja
Interesting situation but you did not ask a question
what is the specific question here
please clarify
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What type of help would you recommend. We live in St. Peters, mo 63376