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Doctor Kevin
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  25 years in private practice
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Currently on a disabilty pension from nypd. retired almost 7

Customer Question

currently on a disabilty pension from nypd. retired almost 7 years. chronic lyme disease,chronic fatague. major joint problems,depression,aniety (panic attacks). have not worked since 10/04. have been going through social security disabilty circus for same time. when i say one of their doctors-she wrote i dysthymic disorder, & rule out panic disorder without agoraphobia- "it is recommended that the claiment recieves psycholical therapy and psychiatric intervention". i have sleep issues, my eating has decreased, dont want to socialize, i am the worst mother and wife because i can't do anything with them. i just don't feel "good" anymore. would i benefit from a psychiatrist.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 6 years ago.
I would agree with your suggestion. I would also fire the lady who can't decide what is wrong with you when that is what she is getting paid for. I suggest you hire an attorney specializing in this and study up on the symptoms of lyme disease, chronic fatigue, depression, generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. The next professional you see bring in this list of symptoms broken down into catagories to make their job easier. As to your other concerns you need to get control of your life and that is the hardest part.