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Doctor Kevin
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  25 years in private practice
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Thank you for being here, i am a 52 yr old male that had a

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hi thank you for being here, i am a 52 yr old male that had a very weird encounter this past week , i am in the middle of a repossion of a property and i am using a attorney to do the work. when i walked past the property his neighbor ran over to me, got in my face threatened me and verbaly berated me in public about this repo. i am very easy going and do not condon violence. scince this has happened i cant sleep and when i do i wake biting my pillow, and growling at it. i have never done this before. i now have lost my appitite and have no sex drive , i cant walk by this property anymore out of fear of being attacked by this guy thank you
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hello did i miss something?

there is a real fear that this guy will attack you. That is why most realators wear flack jacketss on evictions. Your other reactions are typical of someone who does not do these kind of things until you have met our current financial times which I can only describe as wrecklessly adolescent. Stay away from that guy and let your attorney handle it. As to it disturbing your sleep and sex drive it may be hard to enjoy yourself when you know that this other person is facing financial ruin. Take some time to consider all the things you have been blessed with and appreciate them every day especially before you go to sleep and things may improve. This is a time where the "haves" may not be able to help the "have nots." You need to come to terms with this.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thanks for you reply but im more concerned about my well being i know to avoid him but how can i settle down and get back to my routine

If thaat is not enough you might consider taking a soft martial art like akido or tai chi to deal with your underlying anger at being put in this situation. Anger can cause all the symptoms you have described and if it is not dealt with can destroy all you have worked hard for. The second most important thing is to appreciate what you have more. This didn't just come to you but you had to work for it. As to your well being you need to be in an attitude of gratitude when it comes to all you have worked hard for.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
im not sure, i dont feel comfortable maybe confused
I am sorry you are not feeling comfortable and may be confused. Let me try to be more precise. I recognize that you are in the later part of your life. That is a time when we also want to think that other people are happy who are around us or in our care. It is natural that you would be startled when this person who has been living in your place and probably owes you money attacks you. It makes you feel uncomfortable and that is natural. Next is the threat that this person represents. AThat is a very real threat and that is why I would not have any more chances of his confronting you. My wife is a realator and she wears a bulirt proof vest when she goes out on a repro. I would not walk past the property either because you are putting yourself in harms way. You should feel uncomfortable about that. Now I addressed the effect thast this has on you. Not being able to sleep and biting your pillow are signs of unresolved anger as well as being forced to do something that goes against your nature. That is why I suggested affermations, ways to relax and also ways to work on your anger to help resolve it. The fact that you have never had to go through a repro is a sign that you are going to be uncomfortable and confused. My suggestions are clear and simple and designed to reduce these feelings. By taking a soft martial art you will learn to use other people's anger to defeat or neutralize them. It will help reduce the feelings of uncomfortableness. You also don't need to condone violence to dothis since it is the opponents violence that you are learning to deal with. As you become more relaxed and better attuned to the things in your life that you appreciate your appitite may come back. If not it is not that bad a thing. As to not having any sex drive that may be caused by several thngs. You might want to have your doctor do a testosterone level on you. many men your age have a lowered amount and it effects their sex drive. Getting some talking therapy may also be heolpful since you may feel guilty about enjoying yourlife when this other person is facing his fate.
Please if you still feel confused or uncomfortable let me know qnd I can be more explicit. That is what I am here for.
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1482
Experience: 25 years in private practice
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