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I believe my brother is a sociopath. My family has been

Resolved Question:

I believe my brother is a sociopath. My family has been contacted by his soon to be fourth wifes daughter and son-in-law. They told told us that he has gotten the mother and the other son on prescription drugs. He has the son, who incidentally also has MS, brainwashed into believing he is now a homosexual. He started a therapy site for gay/lesbian youth toting that he is licensed and certified, he never graduated high school so I know he is not licensed or certified. He has an adult homosexual man living with them. The thing that is plaguing me though is that they told us they suspect he is doing something to their grandmother who is also living in the home. they said she is elderly but has always been very healthy except for some minor issues. all of a sudden she has been diagnosed with all kinds of serious health problems. When she was in the hospital she had all kinds of symptoms but the doctors did not know why she was having them. I know this sounds crazy but my motivation for this is because what they said struck very close to home for me. My father passed away about 4 years ago and i always had suspisions that my brother was doing something with his meds or something. I could never prove it and my mother doesn't want to believe it although with what is happening now she has confided that she is afraid of him. I feel so guilty about my dad and need to know if there is anything i can do to help these people. At the same time I need to protect my mom and hi two sons from a prior marriage.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.

Your first and only thought right now is to protect this elderly person. In most states there not only is Child Protective Services but there is Adult Protective Services. There are organizations that help the elderly. Your first responsibility is not his diagnosis but her safety. Call someone in that state who are trained to help old people. Call the right people as soon as possible. They handle abuse cases all the time. They may step in even if it is a destructive lifestyle. In dealing with him I would understand that he does not seem to have any regard or other people. Once this elderly person is protected, I would consider distancing myself from such a lifestyle. You have a duty to protect other people but join together as a family and protect each other. With a unified front you could make a huge difference

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