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Dr. Rossi
Dr. Rossi, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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Hello, I have been a carer for my wife who is a bipolar

Customer Question


I have been a carer for my wife who is a bipolar sufferer for about 7 years. I have helped her to regain her health and normality of life. As a result of my first hand experience I am writing an ebook as a practical guide on how to manage the illness.

I would be grateful if you could please e-mail a thoughts and practical tips on anyaspect you feel is helpful. As a thank you I will include your tips in the book and will give your name a reference. I will also foward to the book once completed.

Many thanks,
A carer
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 5 years ago.



You may want to if you've not already included a part of the book that lets others know how you as the care taker are able to cope with her illness. There are many books even written by individuals with the diagnosis. What is needed a lot more is to shed light how you in your own despair, frustration, doubt or loneliness were able to stay committed to her and focused on her as an individual as well as on the marriage.

What things do you do together? What do you find most challenging and how do you come out of it still hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day? How do you encourage her? How do you help her find faith in life and in her own recovery as an individual?


Things to possibly include - how faith/spirituality may be helping her?

Alternative treatment from diet to supplements, energy therapy/healing, ecotherapy, etc.


How does she define her role in life despite the disability that comes with the illness. What drives her forward i.e volunteering to tell others about it/support groups, passion she's dedicated to, etc.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Thanks for your answer. But it is not what I was looking. I may not have been clear, sorry.


I would like your practical tips for the reader of the e-book. As the book is a practical guide, I have a section in there for the professional and what tips they give to the reader.


Many thanks.


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