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Doctor Kevin
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
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My question is should I seek professional assistance and

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My question is should I seek professional assistance and medication or deal with my problems with my mind and CBT?
I have lots of personal interest in understanding my own grandiose thoughts, hallucinations, and other quirks being marked as a crazy with schizoaffective, bipolar type 1, and antisocial/sociopathic personality disorder. But I'm needing to see if I need to make another unfortunate trip to the psych ward (Which focuses on PTSD and depression, I don't think is really designed for effectively handling my type of disorder) or if I can talk myself stable until I get my medication refilled this week.
My thoughts are racing and I'm having really embarrassingly complex thoughts of ways of becoming rich/famous; while I'm paranoid about NCIS calling me on my phone. I have an NCIS voicemail that I never heard from the 7th of this month. Normally I'm not a paranoid schizophrenic so that part of this "mania" is actually scaring me a little. It's either
1) My buddy almost died in my bed and was sent to the ER on the 6th. (He's okay and in the psych ward.)
2) About my medical discharge security clearance from the military. (Most likely)
3) A prior misdemeanor arrest that wasn't resolved two years ago.
All I can do is wait until tomorrow. My real question is whether I'm being a danger to myself. I haven't ate or slept in 3 days so I'm wondering if I should go to the ER to get Ativan to calm me down and sleep, which will possibly get me admitted.
Dr.Kappler :

NNot having slept or ate in three days certainly puts you in the manic realm. As to being your own doctor look where it got Freud. I would seek out professional help you can trust as soon as possible. Personally I would avoid the psych ward if you have a support system that can keep you out of danger till you have an appointment. Psych wards help people who are in danger of hurting themselves or others but does not do well for schizo-affective disorders or personality disorders. Your thoughts can race but if you don't act on them you will be all right. Having not eaten does not mean you are a danger to yourself. You may be able to go to the ER and make a request for one Ambian and not end up in the psych ward if you keep things simple. If I have missed anything in your request let me know.


Thanks for your advice.

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