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I live with a 57 year old nun, I am her superior and she is

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I live with a 57 year old nun, I am her superior and she is a dialysis tech- she exhibits aggression and frustration during my treatment and has wrenched my arm and hurt me and then denies it, how can i deal with this situation
You cannot allow yourself to be abused. I am not suggesting that you can figure out her "disorder" but instead what you can do about your situation. You deserve to not live in fear. Go to whatever chain of command is available to eliminate this problem. You have to be assertive and decide who you can go to in order to eliminate this situation. If you need counselor than that is certainly an option. You have to in structured care to help you maintain your focus. Find who can help you in the church so that whatever she is going through is not taken out on you.
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