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Doctor Kevin
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
Category: Mental Health
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Who I am seems to depend on who I am around. I know this is

Customer Question

Who I am seems to depend on who I am around. I know this is a natural phenomenon for most people, generally people will sense what another person's boundaries are and adjust themselves to it. but what happens with me is considerably more noticeable. I am literally a completely different person depending on who I am around, and I assume this is due to subconsciously detecting body language, etc. But there are certain people who when I am around, I am extremely funny. And it is not just a perception based on reaction, I have noticed that I am 'on' around certain people, where I come up with rapid-fire, funny things that amaze even me, at how naturally it occurs. When I am around people who I sense don't perceive me as funny, I am not 'on'. When I'm around someone that I sense perceives me as awkward, I actually feel awkward, and suddenly find myself to be clumsy, and making social errors that I would not normally make. I don't fully understand what I am, I realize this is a normal social function, but it is radically exacerbated in my case, I am literally a fundamentally different person, not only in how I act, but how I feel, when I am around different people.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 6 years ago.
Dr.Kappler :

So like an actor you can blend in with the fauna around you? That is fine and the more an actor perceives his audience the more he can tap into the collective unconscious and decide to play the fool who makes them laugh or the one that blends in. That is the difference between a ham and a good actor. The ham no one believes in and the good actor draws people in and makes them feel what he is feeling. Sounds like you have a marketable skill. Just remember that like your dreams all the people in them are really you and all the people you try to be all emanate from the same source.


That would be a fantastic answer, if I was an aspiring actor, and not a human being wondering why he is so different from the people around him. Trust me, if your personality, mood, and even physical dexterity changed depending on who you were with, you would not find it to be such a trivial thing. But I guess that's the kind of answer 20 bucks buys, I understand.

Dr.Kappler :

So you are saying that you have no control over the changes that you perceive in yourself depending on the person you are with? Answer my question and I will proceed using my 30 years experience in the field telling you what I think you may be dealing with. And I don't get all of the twenty bucks either.