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Is the husband had the human right over his wife not to get

Resolved Question:

Is the husband had the human right over his wife not to get verbal connection with her parents for the past 3 years? because her mother call the police when she witness another verbal abuse on her daughter when she had come out of a colon cancer surgery,and she whas on bed with the infected hole from the surgery?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  TherapistMarryAnn replied 6 years ago.

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.


No, a husband should not have any rights over his wife, especially to restrict her contact with others.


From what you describe, this sounds like domestic abuse. Is the woman willing to leave? If she is willing, she should get help from a domestic abuse hotline. They will help her make arrangements to get her and her children to safety. Here are some resources to help you help her:


If you can at least provide her or someone close to her with the hotline number, she could call any time and get help.


Although you want to help her, domestic abuse can be a tricky situation to know how to handle. You don't know what will set the abuser off so going to her home may or may not cause a problem for her. You may want to contact the hotline to get assistance on how you can help her. They will let you know the safe ways to assist her.


It is very common in domestic abuse situations for the man to move the family often. It helps him maintain control by limiting the contacts and relationships the girlfriend/wife can have. It also prevents neighbors from noticing anything going on, and if they do, the family is gone before they can step in and help.


Domestic abuse can be emotional or physical or both. Abusers use psychological intimidation to try to control their victims and often include threats against the victim and their family. This helps to control the victim and keep them from leaving, even when they are alone and could leave.


The best option for this woman is to seek help through the hotline. If anyone can give her support that would help as well. It may take a lot to get her to leave or she may be ready to right now. But the more support she has, the better.


I hope this has helped you,




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