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Am I the only one whose my went to thoughts on sexuality in

Customer Question

Am I the only one whose my went to thoughts on sexuality in a emtional nervous breakdown?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  AgapeDoc replied 6 years ago.
AgapeDoc :

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AgapeDoc :

Well, that's a pretty straightforward question and I can give a short and direct answer. The sort answer is no. In what you are calling an emotional nervous breakdown, you most certainly not the only one whose thoughts have gone to sexuality during that time.

AgapeDoc :

It's certainly something you should discuss with your therapist - but more importantly I am concerned about the "breakdown" itself. I trust that you have discussed this with a professional.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I talked to my psychiatrist about that.But my emotional nervous breakdown blocked every thingout,even how I thought on sex before the breakdown that was 28 years ago. So when I came out of the breakdown I had to start after the breakdown. I was just a young 23 year old women out of college and I went to San Francisco and I loved the city. But thats where I sort of grew up in sex. So l know you can have
a thought on that,but its no big deal its called growing up, but later on I only really had sex one time with
someone I was really attracted too I was 25 and I liked him and I did not want to be a virgin any longer,but I was rebound. So then later on 2 half years later I was not meeting anyone, so I got an apt with this nut girl,but she was nuts. Then I found another apt, but I wanted to meet someone, so I took a course at night
at college and I did get beaten up and atacked, but I beat the hell out of that guy, but he beat me up. I was lucky because someone heard me scream and he saw them and ran away. But I did have a thought on sexuality/queers on that because I thought it could screw me up in sex,but that was nothing. But I had another freind and I just told her that.Anyway she started talking weird on that subject, got to my nervous and she would bring that up. So when I stayed at her apt she was not there, I just felt like a queer over there and my mind went. So all this happened to me in a five month period of time. So when
your mind goes you cannot think and I did not know what was wrong so I went two bed with two different men, my mind just sort of went to that upsetting thought. I was just doing and then this other guy called me up and I went out with him because i said something on that attack and thought did not want people to think I ws werid, just the breakdown mind, he knew something was wrong and he used me. But i don't really remember sex with him except him pushing me around in bed and I felt like I had to have a orgaism with this guy because of what my mind went. Anyway this girlfreind who was talking weird did have a problem on this and she was just using me,because she did something like touch boobs with another women. I did not even know why that second guy was with me I was just scared of my mind. So my dad came and got me. So I have dated and had relationships, but I could never look at this it would take my mind out where I could not think. I mean I could not think. So medication pulled me out of it,but I never remembered much. So it hit again and then I had to face it down, like a nightmare, like your fighting for your mind,because I did not want it to take my mind out. So thats when I remembered all this and it was a shock last time it did this I had to just lay there for three months till medication pulled me out of it. My dad was alive then and he would help. It took me three months of pacing the floor to face it down then thoughts racing at you. My mom would listen to me and I told her what it did, l did not even remember why I would recalled it. Then I have this childhood freind that had a breakdown and
she said you have to know what triggers it. I never heard those words before. She just stays on medication for her breakdown and she said when you have a breakdown you have to fight for this life. Well, then I went back and realized it took my mind out several times,but I never stayed on medicaion because I went for years and never hit my mind. So I got in overload mode from all this. Then the breakdown would appear and disappear. Not doing that anymore. My mother died only months ago and I was scared because my self-esteem went down the tubes. I did try to kill myself twice,but one time was just a accident because I thought if I cannot think you cannot live. So my psychiatrist told me Kathy, you
had a bad breakdown, people have broken for alot less, but you have guilt and you don't like what your mind went too. I said yes thats stupid, I don't make a big deal out of a thought on sexuality, he said people make big deals out of anything in a breakdown. But I got obssesive on it and he said you recalled to much. You need to now forget it and just relax. It will go into the back of your mind. He put me on
seroquelXR,but that just gave me bad nightmares and I told him I want to cut back on it and get off it. I said I rather feel the anxiety and let it pass. Like Claire Weekes tape who is well known on her reseach on
breakdowns because she had one herself. Plus I told my mother, if I would have married this one guy I would have gone over on him and said this stuff. My mother said so what, he would have helped you. But
I told my mom you don't talk about that, because its just suppose to be a thought for a second. My mother said Kathy a breakdown is different.
Expert:  AgapeDoc replied 6 years ago.
Keep working with your psychiatrist. It seems he knows what he's doing. I wish hou well. Don't give up. You are stronger than you think!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well,the last time I recalled this, it just took my mind out. But you just want to die. But I did not remember much. So I went to Dr. Moorad, and I remember Barabara using me it the breakdown and that guy,but I did not see or remember thoughts. So then I just said God please don't let this breakdown do this to me again. But then 5 years later or so. I just made this statement, my own mother could make, like some times I just don't want to deal with men and your women friends you just listen to their problems, but I am not attracted to women. Then the breakdown started to hit,like I knew that one guy was there and then there was more. So my mother just mentioned do you remember when you felt like a queer in Barbara's apt and I did not want to remember that. So I got scared, it was lke a whole you pull up from and I just said thats the breakdown, it just went to a thought and two men were there. My mom said you will be ok, Christmas is coming, but I was just real relaxed and I just thought why am I not married and I just said the breakdown took time out of my life and Mark did not want to get married and it hit. I could not cook and I thought why, then I went to my mother's house,but memories were hitting my mind, I could never place and I knew I had to face it down, because I felt like I was getting to where I could not move. So when I faced it down I could remember so much,what people said,etc. Then I remember, what that shit guy sister said like, I did not see that when I was having sex and it was so intense and I thought what did I say, what did I see and I thought did I see that actual thought and I said queers see that and I am not. Then I said Kathy the only think you could have seem was the upsettingness of a thought then I felt like I had to have a orgaism with this guy. Then I just let it go, but
these two men would sort of appear,below my head, above my head, it like the anxiety was so terrible.
Then I went home,but they would appear,sort of and I said you do not have to feel guilty about this. But
some how thoughts started to come and that was upsetting,then Dr. Moorad said you will remember thoughts, so I would go over them and then he said just mix then up. But that breakdown would appear in order and disappear. Made me feel funny going over those thoughts around people in my head. Then I
let it go,but I sort of tried to make lite of it by saying something like queers in the breakdown or stupid
stupid stuff like orgaism smoregaism. I was just trying to make fun of it, like I won the breakdown did not. But it would appear when I did that. Dr Moorad said you teased at it,but I did not know it would do that.
Then my freind that had a breakdown said you need to know what triggers it and that opened a whole can of worms, because I started remember years ago if I tried to look at it or what let up to it I could not.
You just can't think. Then I did not recall it, but I did one time,but I came out of it and then years later
I did not even remember this, but I just made a statement, that someone could think Im queer because Im
not married and then I wondered why I went to bed with that one guy, but I could not get passed it. Just could not think. Then I don't know how long it took to come out of it and I don't want too. But I did not even recall it for 7 years, nothing bothering me. Then Dr Morad said, when you said that the breakdown
appeared, becuase thats what your mind went too. I said that was a thousand years ago. He said it does not matter a trauma like a breakdown can come back. Then I said how would I know just making a statement on why am I not married the breakdown would hit and he said you would not. Its how you
worded it and I thought I cannot help how I word something. So then he said take it in parts,but I would just repeat like when I Stay in Barbara's apt felt like a queer over there then why i went to bed with that one guy and then then the other one and that orgaism thing and my axniety hit the roof' because when I did that it surround my mind. Then I just felt like some weird women and I told my mother now when
people talk on queers I have a mess in my mind. I even tried to put it in order how stupid is that. I just
became so suggestable. Then one time I said to Dr. Moorad did I use it to prove my sexuality I was just taking and he said Bingo. Then I thought I did not,but that upset me. Then I would just say queers in the breakdown over and over and he said thats a defense thing. I said I did not know that after you face it down, you can still fall into it. I started to get so scared that I thought I give up. My mom got sick and I took very good care good her, but I got scared to be in this world along with this breakdown. If I fall into it I will get confused thinking. Before my mom got sick, I went to a party with her and I thought who is going to what a women whose mind went over a few times and then what it went too. I just wanted to run home and hide. My mother said thats not true, I said you are not suppose to tell someone what your mind went to in a breakdown and she said why not because thats not suppose to be a big deal. Well you do not have to,but I will know, it did that several times and I just was so stupid because I counted up how many times it did it.Then thats all I could talk about to my mother, like it was a release just to give it to someone else for a moment. Its like I could not get away from it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
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