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Doctor Blake
Doctor Blake, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Ph.D., Ed.S., NCSP Clinical Psychologist; 15+ years of experience; dual licensure
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I need some guidance in regards to a presentation I need to

Resolved Question:

I need some guidance in regards ***** ***** presentation I need to complete for my Cross-Cultural Psychology course. The presentation focuses on educational standards in other countries in relationship to American standards. I need some direction as in how to research and answer this question, "Discuss the application of cross-cultural psychology to other disciplines?"
Is this question referring to other disciplines such as, mannerisms, behaviors, or customs? I just need a little clarity on the question and in how I should approach it for the presentation?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Blake replied 6 years ago.
Doctor Blake :

Good afternoon and welcome to JA.

Doctor Blake :

Well, we could propose an answer to your query, but we both know that the best source to ask to make sure you answer the question being asked... is to ask the professor!

Doctor Blake :

Disciplines could mean other areas of study such as "cross-cultural psychology to (say) literature, mechanical engineering, art history, sociology..." etc. But, truly, the only way you can know for certain is to ask the originating professor!

Doctor Blake :


Doctor Blake :

(BTW, most professors not only welcome questions and feedback, it shows them that you're an engaged and engaging student! At your prof!)

Doctor Blake :

Please click <ACCEPT> unless you have further questions or concerns.


Thank you! I will forward the question to my professor.

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