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I have a.d.d. Idid not start treatment untill 2004 as an

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I have a.d.d. Idid not start treatment untill 2004 as an adult. I have been on the same med's with great sucess since 2004. I had to find another clinic approx. 1yr.+ ago where you are seen by residents. For the last 5 min. you are also seen by one of the clinic's full time Dr.s. The residents I have spilled my heart & soul upon have been wonderfull, compassionate, understanding and I have learned a great amount of information from them. The problem is with a newer Dr. within the over seeing Dr. staff. Due to problems that arose from the first time he walked in on a session I was in. It was put in my file that contact with this Dr. was to be very limited. but now he has pushed his way into my last 4 sessions, overridden the resident I talk with & with out possibly having the facts He is again ordering changes in my medication & ordering my Dr. to comply with his opinions. Despite orders written to the contrary. Should I consider a complaint with dept. proff. regulation? A restraining order? Because I + my husband feel he is a bully & stalking me.
Ask Eleanor :

Hello, I am here for you and am sorry to hear about the problems with this new physician. Make an appt with the clinic's Chief of Staff and explain the situation to him/her. You may not be the only patient having issues with this particular Dr. Ask that he be taken off your case. You could file a complaint/report him to your state's Medical Board, but I doubt that will get you very far. A restraining order would not be issued unless he is following you outside of the hospital. The best way to get relief from the situation is to stay within the hospital staff and report the situation to his supervisor, the Chief of Staff. I hope this answers your question, dear. If so, please remember to click on the green accept button so that I will receive credit for my response. If not, chat back and I will respond within a few hours. Good luck with this and take care, Eleanor


We have reported him to the clinics chief of staff and she is very upset that her orignal orders about "limited" contact" were ignored. We feel confident that there will be some resolution to the problem by the time of my next appt. I really enjoy and feel comfortable with the resident I talk with & that is hard for me, to develop trust. It is only the over sight Dr. that causes problems, so if the problem can be minimized with out a lot of other changes this would be wonderful. Thank you for your response & advice. You have kept my inital emotional reponse in check & helped prevent me from possibly going to far & doing damage that would end up poorly for me as well.

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