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I have a 50 year old female friend who was born on a

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I have a 50 year old female friend who was born on a reservation taken into care at 5 due to neglect, placed in foster home where sexually abused from 6 to 13 but memories repressed till about 6 years ago, then married young to a mentally abusive husband. About 2 years ago the husband was killed in a tragic him accident. After the sex abuse memories came back 6 years ago she had two short affairs, then after the husband died she got involved with a married family friend who happens to be hold an M A in Cogintive Psychology, but works in the sales for a polling company, he does not practive psychology. That said shouldn't someone with a master in Cog Psych know better, personally I would like to punch him out but know that is not the answer. What should I do? I suspect there are still some latent feelings for the guy!

People in psychology dont' necessarily have more sense than anyone else. There are all kinds of educated people who don't make healthy decisions. He may or may not be on top of the whole psychology of this - only he knows. We can't make a blanket statement about psychology even though you would figure that he would know better. What is more significant is how does a nice guy with good intentions get in the middle of this if he knows or may know it is not right. Only he can answer that two. You don't know him so i would concentrate on helping my friend make better decisions. She may have a pattern of abusive relationships. That is where you start not with people you don't know. Try talking to her about the men she chooses. She may need a friend to listen to

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