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Eraina Lillard
Eraina Lillard, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Limited License Professional Counselor, Registered Addictions Counselor,Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Anger, and Self Esteem
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I have been been on the Emsam patch for over two months (6mg

Customer Question

I have been been on the Emsam patch for over two months (6mg transdermal ) and have stopped it yesterday...I didn't think that it helped that much with my depression. The side affects were aweful. My question is; will I have worse side affects stopping suddenly?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Eraina Lillard replied 6 years ago.
QueenE33 :


QueenE33 :

This medication interacts with a lot of other medications and foods. If you are going to stop taking it, please contact the doctor that prescribed it to you first. When you call your doctor be prepared to discuss the side effects you have been experiencing. Whenever you start with new medications read the information sheets from the pharmacy. They have tons of valuable information to help you get the maximum benefit from your meds.


I have read up on Emsam....Just don't want to call my ex physician. I just hope that it does not cause seizures that's the only thing I am conserned about...


Have watched my diet. In fact have not been eating very much and have dropped about 5lbs.


not on any other medications. Another failed attempt.Oh well have at the 22.00

Eraina Lillard :

Have you selected another doctor yet? I would strongly advise that you get under the care of another doctor.