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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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My husband has been struggling his entire adult life with his

Resolved Question:

My husband has been struggling his entire adult life with his career path. He is very intelligent, has a bachelors in engineering although he has never really persued a career in engineering for long. I have a friend who is a LPC and she suggested he may have adult ADD. He has been on Prozac for many years with the diagnosis of depression. When I read online the symptoms for ADD/ADHD he seems to be a classic case. He has extreme difficulty completing projects, in fact I call him the 90% man. He gets everything 90% done. He is easily agitated by small things, he shuts out the world when he his in a "mood". His in ability to ever be truly happy with his career path, even when he changes jobs within a few months he is frustrated again. He has been working for himself for the past 5-6 years. He does home-improvements and his work is amazing, his clients love him, even though he often leaves small things undone ( and struggles mentally for months before he gets back to a customers home to complete the smallest things). Becuase of his severe lack of time-management skills he is frustrated with his income because every job he quotes, generally ends up taking twice the time that he allotted, therefore causing him to make half the money he projected. Our family is suffering financially, and our marriage is suffering, due to my understanding spirit I have tried to support him in anyway i can, we have been married for almost 10 years and have 2 children. My patience is near the end and I am over feeling sorry for him and becoming bitter. We are in a deep financial hole and I do not know where to turn to get him help?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 6 years ago.

Diagnostics are a very good way to sort out possibilities. I agree with your friend, if the Dx matches the behavior then there is reason to pursue ADHD options.

Males often are diagnosed with ADHD in their teens, or they have the traits and are never treated...the Dx is missed. As adults, the brain matures enough to minimize the impact of any potential hyperactivity, but the inattention and failure to complete tasks remain. (ADHD exists in several subtypes, and although ADD is not used as a technical term in the US anymore, the subtypes allow for any combination of traits, from hyperactivity to inattention to combined types.)

Much research has been conducted on adult ADHD in the last few years and very effective treatments are available. These treatments, if best practice, involve medications and supportive, learning oriented therapies which reduce symptoms and teach ways to work around the inattentive symptoms.

Many adults seek help through a referral from their family doctor. Almost any psychiatrist should be able to assist him, although I will admit a preference, if your husband is willing, to see a psychiatrist who also sees teens and children. They tend to be well versed in the latest medications and techniques.


I know you are at the end of your emotional rope, and I would encourage you to seek support as well. This cannot be easy for you in so many ways. But, know that treatments have been getting much better for this issue and even medications combined with nutritional changes have been used. Take heart! This is, even if it is ADHD, treatable and resolvable. Steven


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Expert:  Steven Olsen replied 6 years ago.
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