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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1768
Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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To Dr. Keane, Concerns and something to reassure you perhaps

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To Dr. Keane, This concerns me and has done for awhile. Just wasn’t sure what to say until I did some research. Do you remember you mentioned internalised feelings such as anger that you once suggested. It was at a time a friend badgered me. I have since resolved this amicably and she no longer does. From the research it all sounded rather serious, it was all about being too emotional to the extent of harming oneself and suicide. I know I beat myself up and have low self-esteem, although trying to sort that, as you know. I would like to reassure you that I have no suicidal thoughts. I also don’t feel like I am raging inside, sometimes a bit anxious inside or a little sadness, but then you know that. But then I do feel I am moving forwards. I don’t know if it shows from what I write to you but everything you say I do put into immediate practice. I would like to say that there are days when I am not anxious about anything and I just get on with what needs to be done. There are times when I also feel happiness, as you maybe know. I just felt I should perhaps add that because I am aware that perhaps my posts of late haven't suggested any of that. Thank you for yesterday's post. (Always just so relieved that you've not told me to go away..I read again a bit of feedback you left that you "love that I question", that always somewhat amazes and comforts me.Thank you). So, so sorry I hadn’t been able to respond quickly. I hope you did get my reply to your question.

Dr.Keane :

I believe your concerns are all part and parcel of your personal growth. You have learned how to handle self doubt (always needs to be reinforced so you don't fall back) and your self esteem has increased. Everyone has periods where they feel sad, happy or otherwise, recognizing it and allowing it to be okay is normal. We are human and our emotions are part of who we are, happy or sad. Stay focused on positives. You are doing fine and will be fine.


Thank you so much for your posts again today. Yes I do learn a lot from you. I was wondering if my self esteem was increasing. I certainly feel a bit different. I don't criticise and beat myself up quite as much as I used to. There was one day when I did actually think to myself, I would have been beating myself up completely before, but I didn't. It made me stop and think "that's weird." but perhaps it was a good thing. It would have been over nothing significant as well. I just thought I'd share that with you and the fact that I do have a positive outlook about next week's event. I am so,so glad that you continue to understand and support and advise me. I am also glad that you are the person willing to help in my personal growth.

Dr.Keane :

you are welcome, as always. You are also learning how to appreciate yourself for who you are. Yes, it's been a struggle at times for you but you are an excellent motivated learner, open to change and that's great. Keep up the good work. Good luck next week too!!! It's going to be a great time!!! I look forward to hearing how it goes....

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