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My mum and dad have this morning given me an ultimatum -

Customer Question

My mum and dad have this morning given me an ultimatum - Family or B/f. I dont know what to do, there is a bit of history and recent upset and hurt between everyone. I've been given until this evening to give them an answer. We originally split up in feb. started seeing each other again 2 weeks later, In May we had an argument when we were out with his parents, and I called my parents to pick me up. this led to a fight between my bf and dad, my dad punched first, and my bf bit my dads hand. Awful situation. I have still been seeing my bf and things are better between us now than ever - he was very drunk the night of the fight, and is incredibly sorry and feels guilty. My Mum has MS so is affected by stress, and blames me alot for her health problems. I have not told them I have seen him since the fight, because I do not want to hurt them, and want to make sure that me and bf are united and able to get through everything. They think is is violent and abusive and not someone I shoul
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
It is unfortunate but you may have to make this choice. The fight sort of colored their opinion of him. You are your own decision maker at 22 but have to decide if being with him is worth all the turmoil. It is your decision. If you are going to see him this forces you to see him behind their back. I am not saying either way but you have to make a choice whether seeing is worth parents finding out. You can make your decision later by seeing him, but don't make excuses. A fight should of that caliber should never happen. Alcohol does not make someone violent. It simply allows behavior that is already there to come out. The decision is yours but alcohol is no excuses for a confrontation