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I have a 45 year old son, single, lives alone in FL, drinks

Customer Question

I have a 45 year old son, single, lives alone in FL, drinks coffee, bear, wine, and coffee all the time. This is affecting his health and temper a lot. He is intellegent and highly qualified in technology but he quits his jobs. He is blaming me for everything & anything negative in his life. I live in NY and he never visits me and refuses to come and live with me or near me. Is there a way for helping him and me. He is sick. I am afraid he is approaching dealth. What can I do to rescue him?.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 6 years ago.
He is probably exhibiting signs of addiction and he has to want to get better. I know your frustration as a parent but he has to want it. When he gets tired of drinking and caffeine, he will look for treatment or ask for help. But right now he just isn't in a play that is receptive to advice or help. This now becoming a negative force in other areas. What happens with this lifestyle is that eventually the person is tired or broke or angry... Then they know they need help. But you can't want him to change. As hard as it is he has to want to do something different. You could send him some things about addiction. Start there and see what happens as a result of that