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I just found out that I was re approved for disability. They

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Hello. I just found out that I was re approved for disability. They were doing a disability review for Social Security after my having been of Disability for about 2 years and 5 months. I guess I should take this as good news and I do. I know that because of my mental conditions I am unable to work. However, in a way it is depressing. I am 35 years old, I have a bachelor's degree from a very good University, and I once had a lot of hopes and dreams. I have dated but never married perhaps because I cannot support a family on the $873 a month I get from disability. So while this is a "victory" it is also depressing because I had said a year ago that it was my goal to work in again in some form in one year and that has not happened. However, I am still young and educated and I do not want to be on Disability for the rest of my life. What is a positive spin that I can put on this in order to feel alright and not depressed and also to have purpose in life of which I see very little. I was such a happy person in college. I was on some Meds but nothing like now (7 medications.) I had so many hopes and dreams but while I do want to work I CANNOT work mostly because of Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety, and depression. So again I ask, how can I view this so as to see just a glimmer of hope for the future?

Thank you for requesting my help. I am glad to be of assistance.

Given your situation, it would be very normal to feel as if you should have no hope. But try not to see your re approval for disability as a step in the wrong direction. It is not. Disability is mostly approved based on paperwork and not on a real working knowledge of who you are as a person. You know your abilities and your gifts. The disability workers do not. You also know what you are capable of.

The fact that you are young, have a degree from a good University and most importantly have a strong desire to work and move ahead in your life are all excellent signs that you will succeed. Half the battle in any situation is having the desire to succeed. If you think of all the people you have ever heard of that accomplished great feats in life while having a disability, that alone can give you courage. And you may want to start your goals by seeking out and getting to know the stories of such individuals. The inspiration can help keep your spirits up and keep you motivated when you feel low.

Also, start setting goals. Small, measurable goals that are easy to accomplish and can move you towards where you want to be. Involve other people for support. Call people in the areas you need help (career counselors for example), therapy for support, and other professionals can help you and give you places to turn when you get stuck.

Build other support as well. Have you tried a support group yet? There are many on line and in person that you could attend and get ideas on how to cope with mental health issues while working and having a family. They may even know of employers that are easy to work for when you have a disability.

Also, learn your rights as a person with a disability. It is important that you understand how to protect yourself when you do rejoin the workforce.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. You have just learned of your re approval for disability. It is new and it takes time to adjust to. But it is not the end of your dreams, it's only a small stop along the way.

I hope this helps,


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