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When I was an air traffic controler in the Navy I was

Resolved Question:

When I was an air traffic controler in the Navy I was hospitalized for what they called a psychotic episode. They asked me if I saw things and heard voices. Not being deaf or blind I said yes. They sent me home with an honorable discharge and I have been treated by the D.V.A. for what they call a nervous disorder on my papers stating my disability percent. I am not on any medication and I have graduated with a B.A., I am married and have a job. Because I applied for a gun permit (CCW) I would like to get to the bottom of all this if it will disqualify me.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. K replied 6 years ago.
As far as being able to get a gun permit, the rules vary by state. For example, in Washington state, if a patient gets involuntarily committed they may lose their right to have a CPL (concealed pistol license). Initially, people get committed for up to 72 hours. Only if a judge approves that their committment be extended for up to 14 days does the court report revoke any priveleges to have a a CPL.
In general, just seeing a mental health professional on an outpatient basis will not mean you lose your right to carry a gun. Medical records are confidential, so if they do a background search on you these records will not come up (only criminal history will).
As far as this psychotic episode, it seems like you mean you never actually hallucinated (heard voices when no one was around or saw ghosts, shadows, etc.). You misinterpreted their question & said yes to hearing & seeing things.
The other main symptoms of a psychotic episode are delusions (e.g. 1) paranoid ones that, say, you are being followed by the FBI, or 2) grandiose ones that you are God, an angel, or have special powers), disorganized thoughts (not make sense when you talk b/c you are jumping from topic to topic), and disorganized behaviors (e.g. cooking soup with rocks & pebbles or running down the streets naked in the middle of the night when it's freezing for no reason).
If you want to confirm whether you truly have a diagnosis the best thing to do would be see a live mental health professional for a full interview. It would be best to bring them the records from the Navy doc who initially diagnosed you.
I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you need more feedback. Good luck & take care.
Please let me know if you need more information. We can continue the dialog until you are satisfied. Once you are happy with the answers don't forget to hit the ACCEPT button & provide expert feedback. Also remember that this is not an official doctor patient relationship and not a substitute for a full live psychiatric evaluation. Thank you for using
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Wow, I don't recall having any of the other symptoms either. Perhaps I should see a mental health professional for a full interview. This whoile thing has kept me from being able to work as an air traffic controller or even become a pilot since I was 19. I might have even stayed in the service long enough to retire. Now it is too late for that due to my age. You have been very helpful.

Expert:  Dr. K replied 6 years ago.
Glad to be of service. Let me know if you need anything else. Please hit ACCEPT button if you are satisfied to ensure justanswers gives me credit for the response. Thanks.
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